Kind of funny about Sea getting run on vs. Saints

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  • I keep seeing these comments talking about the "effective" NO run game was working against Seattle and San Fran can have lots of success using Gore, blah blah blah.

    Yeah, NO ran the ball okay but the scoreboard was still 0 for them for 3 quarters of football with a fumble leading to a Seattle TD.

    Anyway, IDK why that pisses me off, that kind of simplistic look at the stats doesn't tell you anything.
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  • Because they moved it really good. A fumble and missing FGs is what made them get more off track with it and mix in more passing because they kept going further down. Don't get me wrong the defense stopped it more as the game went on. But they did move it pretty good when it was their primary game plan.
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  • NO did a good job running the ball especially for how pass heavy they were during the regular season, which is why I take Brees every year in fantasy. The thing that impressed me the most was they showed they were going to run it and still got some solid runs. I doubt they change their philosophy while Brees is still playing but they had a fairly solid power running game and could see their running back becoming the feature in an offense like us/49ers.

    And for the 49ers, they are a solid running team. At home we traditionally do a good job containing Gore and making said QB make throws. Gore has obviously lost a step but still gets to the hole hard and doesn't go down easily. I can see why the media is saying 'if NO can do it, the 49ers should be able to do it'. But our defense is the perfect match up for what the 49ers want to do on offense and our speed kills them.
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  • Should our Defense be able to "execute"....we will contain the Niner Rushing attack.
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