Seahawks Draft Grade from 2012 - HAHA!!!

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  • joeseahawks wrote:I don't really understand what you mean.
    A team that has lots of holes on the offensive line ... draft guys, who won't make the roster? I think the 2013 draft could have yield one (or more) very good O-Lineman. Bowie isn't too bad. I think he was 7th rounder.
    Polaris wrote:
    joeseahawks wrote:That said, ... Hawks 2013 draft ... Complete Bust written all over. We need a great draft in 2014 ...

    We already knew that we weren't going to get much out of the 2013 draft at least immediately. There simply wasn't enough room on the roster when measured talent against talent.

    Hindsight is always 20/20. We had no way to know that offensive linemen would go down for extended periods this year. The fact is we drafted for long term continuity and strength, but there simply wasn't enough roster spaces for our draft class. I personally think we've done fairly well in 2013, but it's still very much an 'incomplete' grade and will be until those first big contracts have to be decided on....then it will (or won't) pay dividends.
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