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Re: Macklemore
Sun Dec 15, 2013 8:58 am

Re: Macklemore
Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:35 am
  • Tical21 wrote:
    Well, you're "brutally honest" opinion is, as we say, your own reality. Mack gets plenty of props from world-renown 'lyricists,' so excuse me if I don't regard you as a expert on the subject.

    Amen. The guys has won a shit ton of awards the past two years or so. Not to mention he's a huge Hawk and Seattle fan, however, it doesn't surprise me that haters who don't know him or appreciate his music will hate.

    I don't care for country music but I wouldn't hate on that music in any public forum. To each their own but some like to pass judgement and live in their bubble of what's right.

    I feel like L80 and half the people here belong in the Jimmy Buffett camp and they're far from cultured in normal day perspectives but I would never say that...[/quote]
    Condescending much? I was downloading his music like 7 years ago, going to shows, and trumpeted him as Seattle's best. Was very happy for him when he made it big.

    I would put my love for hip-hop and knowledge of its history against anyone here, particularly when it comes to the great lyricists. He may be one of the best going now, but that isn't saying much. When you put his words up there against some of the greats, he unfortunately just isn't on that level. I come from a time where you had to pause and rewind tracks as you went through them because they were so mind-blowing, you couldn't believe somebody was so genius to put together what you just heard. In that regard, Mack has always been relatively simple and predictable.[/quote]

    But that doesn't make him overrated, unless there are people putting him on a level with Rakim, Biggie, Illmatic era Nas, etc. I don't think too many people are. And Ben would probably be the last guy that would claim to be on that level.
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Re: Macklemore
Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:28 pm
  • I don't know him well but have met him quite a few times through the local scene. One of my friends (Elan) was a big part of Heist & before, he left Macklemore to start producing for Sol (the next big thing in Seattle).

    I didn't know it until recently but one of my friends from high school is celloist on the touring band. That was cool. Good guy that cares about Seattle and Seattle sports.
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