Do we have the best receiving corps in the NFL with Harvin?

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  • I'm not sure Denver's receivers would be better for RW. Denver's receivers are matched to Manning. The qb made or remade them to fit his style. Also Welker, though not on IR, had a concussion last week.

    God I'd hate jumping for receptions in the middle of the field. Especially against the Chiefs, Panthers, or the Hawks.
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  • Erebus wrote:
    RiverDog wrote: Tony Romo has a great group to throw to, too, with Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, and Mark Whitten.

    Ahh, Mark Whitten. Man what a hitter, at least for a short time. I still remember that 600 foot grand slam he hit against the Twins back in 96 (officially 460ish, but everyone knew it was much longer).

    Anyway, back on topic. Our WR corp was top 10-15 before Harvin, but who knows what impact he will have. He could put us in the top five, but I don't think the stats will ever reflect that with how much we pass.

    Sorry. I got my sports mixed up.
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  • McGruff wrote:Denver.

    Green Bay when healthy.

    Possibly the Saints.

    I like Atlanta's better than ours (with Julio).

    Indy with Watyne, Hilton and the TE's is pretty good.

    I think we are average really, but we excell at catching the contested ball. Not good in separating, not really a speed group, not really big, but we catch the ball and can run.

    What's more important then catching the ball and moving the chains? The Nfl is littered with guys that are burners,who couldn't catch the clap in a brothel.
    I will take our guys.
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