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  • Not bad, not bad at all!
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  • Yep. That's it. Good find brother.
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  • Thanks BFS! I tried googling it yesterday with no joy. Glad you didn't give up.
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  • It is a great time to be a Seahawk fan, in fact it is the best time EVER!
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  • I just missed Fox NFL coming off the boat, I was getting on. Damn
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  • "No one is sitting in their seats" quote. So true, why would you want to sit down at any NFL game? We are not watching baseball today.

    Hawks pride is louder than life. Go Hawks!
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  • I just got goose bumps.
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  • Pretty damn good lad......PRETTY DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!
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  • "We can beat anyone, Including you Payton Manning" - Just yes, i cannot say anything more positive besides the most amazing damn quote
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  • First game last Sunday and I am addicted. My wife and I live in OC and we started a vacation fund. A Seahawk vacation fund and that will be used to attend as many games as we can. Not only that but we both have an Alaska Airline Visa card and now we have miles and a companion pass each. Flights and tickets are all we care about to Seattle and some away games.
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  • As a Hawks fan, I love it. Especially Charissa Thompson saying, "Oh, now everybody wants to be a Seahawks fan." Too right. But I gotta admit. If I were a fan of a different team, I'd find it all obnoxious as hell. Could you imagine the 49ers version of that? Blech!
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  • Jay-Dog wrote:"No one is sitting in their seats" quote. So true, why would you want to sit down at any NFL game? We are not watching baseball today.

    Hawks pride is louder than life. Go Hawks!

    Sadly my section (344) the majority of them sit down. Me and my cousin are the only ones standing up around us.
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  • In the last Sound FX - Rainn Wilson is heard saying to Pete Carroll - "This is the first time I've been in the Stadium" I think Fox took him out of context, but Cmon Man.

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  • My favorite quote was "Only time sound takes on a feeling" , i can really relate, i've also experienced when it gets so loud at times you stop hearing to a degree and can actually start to feel the sound...
    World Champs - Sounds good don't it
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  • BFS, nice fine! The 12th Man has become a household name in the NFL, thanks to you fans who actually go to the game and participate. For this I salute you.
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