Best "spectacular catch" receiver on the Seahawks?

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Best "spectacular catch" Receiver on the Seahawks?

Sidney Rice
Golden Tate
Doug Baldwin
Jermaine Kearse
Percy Harvin
Zach Miller
Total votes : 98

  • I chose Rice. But, Zack Miller has made some incredible catches as well.
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  • Zach Millers TD catch against the cards last Thursday night was pretty damn spectacular, especially for a dude with his body type and size.
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  • Of all the crazy difficult catches our receivers make (something they're very good at IMHO), Sidney Rice probably makes more than half of them.
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  • Sideline catch? Baldwin.

    Run after catch? Tate (soon to be Harvin.)

    Catch expecting a hit? Miller.

    Catch in traffic? Rice.
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  • Sidney falls down every time he catches the ball making his catches seem more difficult than they really are.
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  • Baldwin for the "holy did he even know where to be" type..

    Tate for "holy crap.. he held on??"

    Sidney for "holy crap..havent seen that much toe position awareness and control since a certain guy wore #80"

    Kearse for "holy crap.. what a knack for the dramatic catch!"

    A plethora of riches.. do you remember when you just hoped Derrick Mayes or DJack would actually CATCH the ball? And I liked both..but you held your breath a bit when the ball was heading towards them
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  • I think Rice may the best toe-tapper in the NFL. The catch against the Redskins in the playoffs? That was insane. The one-knee catch against SF last Christmas? Unbelievable.

    Doug has had some really great ones this year. Vote goes to Sidney, though.
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  • Rice has the largest catch radius and probably the best hands on this team.
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  • Baldwin always amazes me with his incredible catches when the team needs them the most. However, Rice makes some insane catches an inch from the side line when he doesn't even look at where his feet are.
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  • Golden/Baldwin a draw.
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  • kearly wrote:
    Tate deserves votes as well. The best catch of the season in 2012 might have been the bomb that Tate caught against Miami inside the 5 yard line, where he had to basically crawl over the defender.

    I like the one against Green Bay better . ..
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  • The receiver with the best hands is Sidney Rice. Bar none. As spectacular catches - Tate, Baldwin, and Rice have made their share of them. I remember Tate from GB game last year, Rice's game winning TD against the Pats last year, and then Baldwin's big plays (clutch) this year. One common denominator in all three is the QB throwing those passes - Russell Wilson. As much as it's a spectacular catch, the throw is spectacular too and sometimes its why the catches are spectacular.
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  • I went with Baldwin because Baldwin knows toes...but so does Rice.

    Tate had a chance against the Cards and blew it as far as toe tappin the side line on a beautiful pass and catch (can't remember which qtr)

    Sidelines arnt infinite Golden. :141847_bnono:
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  • Richard Sherman
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  • Best quality I could find for those who don't remember.
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  • dontbelikethat wrote:

    Best quality I could find for those who don't remember.

    I remember that well, kinda. Seen it a few times via youtube that rekindles the memory. :thirishdrinkers:
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  • My favorite catch of the last couple years was Golden Tate against the Jets last year, where he jumped up and did a 180 in the air to bring down the ball.

    This isn't the best angle of the play but its all I could find. At the 2:01 mark of this video:

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  • Baldwin IMO. Tate is definitely the most electric (until Harvin finally hits the field).
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  • I think it's fabulous that this is so debatable. Not many teams wonder who their best pass catcher is.

    Harvin, IMO, doesn't deserve to be on this list (as of yet) but what we have in Seattle is a bunch of sure handed receivers that have great field awareness and are willing to sell out to make the catch.

    It's crazy Kearse's name is deservedly mentioned in such a thread. He's come a long way since making life hell for Locker and Price.

    Every time I get irritated with our group's seemingly inability to get separation, I remind myself of how sure handed and blue collar they are as a group. Money aside, we don't have a WR I look forward to parting ways with.
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  • I dont know how this is debatable? With all the massive clutch circus third down game winning chains moving catches that Baldwin has made, it just has to be him.
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