“Marshawn almost cried when he saw Mike Rob walk in" (link)

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  • IBleedBlueAndGreen wrote:
    theENGLISHseahawk wrote:Anyone else struggling to imagine a crying Marshawn?

    Probably looks about as realistic as Harbaugh trying to smile and laugh.

    Here he is, I'm pretty sure this is his smile/laugh.

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  • 12thMode wrote:I know we hate to give nicknames to players but I think Beast Master would be fitting for Mike Rob!

    I think that sounds a little demeaning to Marshawn actually. Shawn is on pace to rush for 1300 this year without Robinson playing a single snap. I agree that MRob is likely going to help Shawn play a little bit better going forward, but Shawn hardly needs him to succeed...
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  • Beast feeder?

    Beast assistant?

    Beast Helper?

    Beast frontrunner?

    Beast Bestie?
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  • Beast Blocker
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  • Skittles should run with this and do a scene with lynch crying rainbow tears.
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  • Teqneek wrote:Except that MRob said he gained his weight back in 2 weeks :P So still.. they were right, but not at the present time :P

    He said It took two weeks from the time he got "back to normal". Nothing was said about how long getting " back to normal" took. ... a9dc038dca
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  • Mike "Machete" Robinson. Professional path carver.
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  • BeastDozer, cuz he clears a path.
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  • Just watched the NFL films clip on him linked from the post.

    There's a great quote from him when he got cut from the Niners, but it also has a nickname for him - "The Handyman."
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  • I am really glad about MikeRob being back and I don't see anything wrong with Marshawn having an emotional attachment to what is basically his best friend. A best friend that he almost lost due to health issues. I'm an emotional person, and while I'm not quite Dick Vermeil emotional, I have no qualms about showing them. I've been a big Seahawks fan for a long time and I got really upset when Ken Hamlin took a sign to the skull, and when Walter Jones retired, that was a biggie for me. Yes, I am that attached to my team.

    And if I were on a team such as this where everyone is very tight, and the man that I spend the most time with ends up in the ER with the possibility of dying, I would be very emotional. And then to see that man walk through the door in good health, back on the team, back to my partner in crime, I'm sure I would have tears, I'd probably try to hide them, but they would be there.

    I'm not in that kind of situation, but I can imagine the kind of emotions going through that locker room to have Michael Robinson get deathly ill, cut from the team, then to see him suiting up again to go out on the field with, phenomenal.

    So I don't want anyone to misunderstand my thread title or that I might say such a thing in a derogatory way, to the contrary, I have the utmost respect for people who are confident enough to express their feelings.
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  • He's the Beast's eyes.
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  • TCS wrote:It's good to finally hear how the front office handled Mrob's cutting...

    "Pete (Carroll, the coach) and John (Schneider, the general manager), they did a great job of communicating with me. They were very upfront when they were cutting me. We were in there talking and they said, ‘Mike, we know it’s going to come a point down the line when you’re going to be healthy and we’re probably going to need you. If the opportunity presents itself, we’re going to come get you. You’re part of the family. You’re part of us. You helped us start this thing.’"

    Go hawks!


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  • Path Finder :thirishdrinkers:
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  • HawkFan72 wrote:I bet his tears taste like Skittles.

    I bet his tears taste like diesel fuel.
    The only concern I have and I mean only is that Bevell will get cute and pass even though Lynch is gaining yardage. 1/30/2015 - loaf
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  • loafoftatupu wrote:
    HawkFan72 wrote:I bet his tears taste like Skittles.

    I bet his tears taste like diesel fuel.

    Diesel fuel flavored Skittles.

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