Seahawk Guest Barista's at Starbucks Today 3-4pm

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  • Throwdown wrote:GOD DAMN IT PETE

    Sorry bro. I'm sure that eats you up. Had to post it tho (wife said I had to), she pulled it off of FB.
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  • I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at everyone else involved ;)
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  • I would love for this to be in the shack after the event is over...
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  • I'm curious which Hawks were at which Starbucks. I can tell you Heath Farwell was at #6. Anyone else?
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  • Starbucks can kiss my ass. I'll never spend my money on a product of theirs
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  • gtcotcakya wrote:I'm curious which Hawks were at which Starbucks. I can tell you Heath Farwell was at #6. Anyone else?

    I'm interested in knowing too.
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  • Screw Starbucks the tax dodging wankers.
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  • The only problem I have with Starbucks is I think they make mediocre coffee. Consistent, but not a great cup. Over roasted and generally over sweetened and uncreative.

    There are quite a few local roasters and brewers doing better work with better atmosphere to boot.

    I still drunk the stuff because it's everywhere and it's still better than your average roadside stand, but if. I'm seeking a great cup and a great place to talk or read, I'll go elsewhere.
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