Anybody Knows What Happened To Phil Bates

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  • I thought he would have made the PS for sure since Harper got swiped. I remember when Robinson became ill the team scrambled to get bodies at the FB position first with Bates who got injured and then Helfet.

    I didn't think Bates' injury was too serious and he did gain weight from 220 to I believe to 232 to play the position. I thought he was a decent player who was a better WR overall than Harper, was having a good camp and his versatility was intriguing enough...

    Now he's off the face of the earth and the team has tried out about 8 or so other WRs on the PS since the season began none of which I think were Bates (but I could be wrong).
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  • The PS isn't necessarily a development system (Though they can). It's just as much about mimicking opponents and helping the 53 prepare. The other WR they brought it must offer desirable traits that they felt they needed at the time. It's always a constant churn, so you never know who will be on it from week to week.
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  • I completely forgot about him. That is strange that he wasn't brought in as one of the PS guys. Is he no longer PS eligible?
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