The Seahawks could be a 14-2 wild card.

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  • pmedic920 wrote:
    Erebus wrote:
    pmedic920 wrote:I'm not sure of the math but couldn't the same thing be in the works with Denver and KC?

    Yes, see my post a few posts above.

    Sorry bro. I'm drinking and got lazy.

    No problem, I do the same thing.
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  • Don't know if it's been posted, but I've been actually rooting for the Saints to beat the Niners.

    Then, if we could beat the Saints, we'd win the top seed in the NFC. Even if we lost to the Niners, we'd still the division if that was our only loss.

    Now, if the Niners beat the Saints, then we beat the Niners, we'd be looking good both ways.

    The other best case scenario is that the Saints lose another game, then beat the Niners. Then we lose to the Niners, but still win the division. I think this is likely as the Saints have a tough schedule the rest of the year.

    Obviously, I'd like to see us win out.
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