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  • I hope Sam Bradford heals quickly. Once he comes back, I hope he strings together some "pretty good" games.

    I want him to play just well enough to stay starting QB, and no better.

    I hope that every time the Rams lose a game, it never totally looks like his fault. If only he had better weapons, etc etc...
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  • He'll be the QB for at least next season according to Jeff Fisher. He isn't terrible, but he has a lot to be desired. He's certainly not the game changing top QB every team wants though or one that everyone fears.
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  • Tried to post over there at Clan Ram. Made an account and logged in but it says I been banned?
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  • Tech Worlds wrote:Tried to post over there at Clan Ram. Made an account and logged in but it says I been banned?

    Probably need to remember that Avenger is a mod there. Either that, or this is the first time anyone has actually wanted to join in years, and their forum didn't know what to do.
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  • My thoughts on this game is that the Rams as a whole are the youngest (24) team in the league. The only thing this team had going for them was Bradford was playing pretty well. They just lost their leader on offense and have to pick themselves up against the Seattle defense? This Rams team hasn't looked very disciplined all season and I don't think they are going to turn it around in this game.

    And are we allowed to make fun of Tavon Austin looking like a bust so far or do we have to wait until it's been a solid ten years since the Seahawks drafted Aaron Curry?

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  • I find it funny that they are hanging onto the idea that when he returns next year that they can still build around Bradford. Yes, they can. It has been proven that you can indeed polish a turd. You can make it have somewhat of a shine to it. When all is said and done though, you still have a piece of crap.
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  • "The SEA D is better but the Rams have added weapons in Austin and Cook who should be able to challenge them in a way that they couldn't last year with both speed and size."

    Wow. I've seen delusional fans, but this guy at clanram just might take the cake. Austin and Cook? Weapons? LOL!
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