Colts 5 Seahawks 3 :)

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Re: Colts 5 Seahawks 3 :)
Wed Oct 02, 2013 3:35 am
  • The Colts may beat us, but I absolutely guarantee they will not smoke us. Nobody smokes us. Even our worst defensive outing in the last 22 games, which was just LAST week at Houston, we managed to win and even if we hadn't it would have been supremely close.

    I like our chances. I'm hoping (and relatively confident) that our new defensive coordinator, Dan Quinn, learned a few things from our terrible defensive first half against Houston. While the 10am road games always seem to cause slow starts, (not just for us, but other west coast teams, too) I doubt we look the same way again in the first half at Indianapolis. I'd say we have a 70% chance to win this game, possibly more.

    What do you think your chances are of pulling out a win for your Colts, Peyton?
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Re: Colts 5 Seahawks 3 :)
Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:55 am
  • The Colts have a chance to make some hay against their divisional rivals against a team that will be playing their 2nd early road game. The Colts appear to be in the process of changing their image on the defensive side of the ball, which I gather is Pagano's signature being stamped on them. Before the season I thought the Seahawks would win this game based on what I saw of the Seahawks overall team at the end of last year and the perception that swapping out Arians would take some time to get the offense to gel for the Colts.

    The victory over the 9ers on the road and how it was done was impressive to me, but then again I am not as dismissive of our divisional rival as others. Luck is a good QB and good QBs can make hay on our defense, if given a reasonable pocket. Our linebackers still can be had. Hopefully Richardson doesn't start to gel with the Colts offense to give them a two-prong attack. Wayne in the slot against Thurmond should be something to watch.

    The Colts TEs group would have been much deadlier if Allen hadn't got IR'd but that is an Achilles Heel for the Seahawks when playing more talented squads (see Texans last week).

    Here is to a injury free game. Best of luck the rest of the season after this game (I am sure you understand).
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Re: Colts 5 Seahawks 3 :)
Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:27 am
  • oregonhawkfan wrote:Sorry, just don't see it. Just went back and watched some of colts games and they were not pretty.

    They barely (and should have lost to) beat the 2nd worst team in the NFL at home.
    They got beaten by the pretender phins.
    They slipped by the hapless whiners.
    They stomped the worst team in the NFL (no offense jags).

    Not that I would ever under estimate them or say they are a horrible team but I just do not see them as the great force some might like us to think they are. I think we take care of them no problem and continue to roll. Luck is going to make some plays buy looks like he is going to make his share of mistakes as well.

    They didn't "slip" by the Nines, they dominated that team. That the Niners were able to come out and demolish the Rams, which have been their Nemesis) showed that the Colts put together a good game plan and executed it well.

    The Dolphins are still a good team, losing to NO at NO doesn't make them "pretenders". That team would give us fits right now.

    Those two games give me pause about this team. Like Kearly, I thought they were pretenders, now I see some backbone to them and this game worries me a bit.
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Re: Colts 5 Seahawks 3 :)
Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:37 am
  • I'm hoping that this game will be far better from the beginning than the road game the previous week, in the same way that we followed that loss in Miami last year with a far superior performance in Chicago a week later. (We also directly followed a loss in St. Louis with a win in Carolina.)

    Intuitively it seems tough to get up for consecutive road games like this, but it didn't really seem to translate that way on the field a year ago. I picked us to lose against Houston and I'm picking us to win this week (albeit not without some trepidation).
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