Miami Herald's Prediction of the San Fran - Seattle Game

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  • The Miami Herald, through Greg Cote, was on the wrong side when he had Carolina upsetting Seattle. Hopefully, he's on the wrong side again this week. However, in print copy last week, he has Seattle vs Houston in the Super Bowl. Kind of odd that he has us in the Super Bowl, yet goes against us in the first two weeks. His game of the week is Denver-NY Giants cause of the Mannings.

    From my hometown newspaper:

    Upset of the week

    49ERS (1-0)

    AT SEAHAWKS (1-0)

    Line: SEA by 3.

    Cote’s pick: SF 27-24.

    TV: 8:30 p.m., NBC (airing in South Florida).

    “AAAWWWK!” shouts the Upset Bird. “It pains me to pick against a team called Seahaaawwwks!” Picking a defending Super Bowl finalist might not even seem an upset to many of you, but consider that Seattle was 8-0 at home last season and won the most recent meeting with the Niners 42-13. Plus some SF scrub Tweetingly referred to the opponent as “She-hawks,” only adding to the homies’ fire. The Sunday night stage might not be filled bigger than this all season, and I’m riding Tats Kaepernick. “This game could only be better if you put a Manning in it,” notes U-Bird. “Manning! Mannaawwk!” ... picks.html
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  • I was going to say I think that this dude's coked out of his gourd, then I realized he's in Miami, and it'd just be redundant.
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