DVR review - Offense

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Re: DVR review - Offense
Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:11 am
  • You're right, KJ got lost and turned around, maybe more times than I have ever seen from him.

    The Williams ball, although nearly perfect, was slightly overthrown. If you have a fast WR running a fade at full speed and he had to lay out, the ball is slightly overthrown. Not by much, mind you. Who gets more fault for the pass being incomplete, Wilson or Williams? The degree of difficulty is high, and you don't expect Wilson to hit every single one of them by any stretch, but that would have been one of the top plays on Sportscenter has Williams caught it. Like Kearly said, we're talking inches, not feet. Just a few inches shorter from Wilson, it is a TD. Williams could have caught the ball, absolutely, but that fact alone doesn't make it a perfect pass.

    I was ready to blame Unger for Luto's game. And after re-watching some, yeah, the rookie kind of showed the All-Pro a little bit. But I also agree a lot of his freedom was by design, and all three guards didn't quite get to him on a few scoop blocks. He's going to be a player.

    I need to watch again. Wilson still ran backwards more often than I would like to see. Do we not have hot routes, or are they not getting open? Something isn't right. Meh, I'm too lazy to figure out what. Will one of you address this at some point? Thanks!
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Re: DVR review - Offense
Wed Sep 11, 2013 3:11 pm
  • kearly wrote:
    bestfightstory wrote:When you do a review of defense, I'd be curious to see what happened to Wagner.

    I won't be.

    Well. That certainly was hurtful.
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