Seattle will win this week

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Re: Seattle will win this week
Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:39 pm
  • grizbob wrote:Smells like a trap :?

    Yep... a dead muskrat trap.
    Journalism is dead, it's been replaced by creative writing aka fake news.
    Critical thinking is pretty much dead too. I miss the hearsay rule.
    The concept of "ethic" has been stripped from the Journalism curriculum.
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Re: Seattle will win this week
Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:47 pm
  • Giedi wrote:
    SeaTown81 wrote:
    Giedi wrote:Seattle defense was sub par against the Carolina Run game. That's a weakness that has to be fixed by game time this sunday for Seattle to have a for sure victory. Absent a solid run defense against the 49ers - it does become more of a toss up. I forsee Wilson performing like Aaron Rodgers at C-link. So the 49er defense will be in the same situation as the Green Bay game. In other words, the 49er defense will do it's best to slow down Wilson, but they won't bank on being able to stop him. Which means the 49er offense has to step up and control the clock via run and score via the pass. Not an easy thing to do at C-link. The 12th man will be in force, and that will be a major obstacle to overcome.

    Good observation. As a Hawk fan, I can admit that for as good as our defense has been, run d has been a bit of an issue the past year or so. Last year we gave up something like 4.5 a carry. In the Carolina game I think it was closer to 5. That's not good if you want to be known as the best defense in the NFL. Our interior d line has been a point of concern. If the Hawks d wants to be known as the best in the biz, run d has got to improve. Not just against SF, but everyone.

    Go Hawks.

    Wow, that's an astounding number. 5.0 Yards per Carry? Wow.

    Now, I dont' think it's your players. I've been looking at your players that you've acquired through free agency and the draft, and they look formidable. I really do think it's the defensive coaching. Again, I harp on Dan quinn and Tavares Jones -- I really do think they are the problem in the run game - vs the player talent. If used in a good scheme, you have the speed and the power to stop good rushing attacks. I'll know more once I see how your team and players play the 49er run game this sunday.

    While it would be just fine and dandy to shut down an opponents run and pass game, our DC focused on stopping Carolina's strengths. Cam and Steve Smith were neutralized. We gave up 7 points on the road.
    Quinn earned his check that week because our O only need 8 points to win.
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