How/WHY did you become a Seahawks fan?!

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  • Never became a Hawk fan, was born one. Will die one.
    Now a guppy driver. Loving the Hawks with my bro Nanomoz for over 30 years
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  • Always played as them on Madden, and I loved their Defense. Then when I found I was similar in height to Russell, I decided it was a match made in heaven :P
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  • JSeahawks wrote:Born and raised in Portland. The "local" teams that we usually got to choose from on TV were the Raiders, 49ers or Seahawks. So obviously it was an easy choice. Steve Largent, Kenny Easley, Curt Warner and guys like that just made the choice easier.

    Me too (it is where I was when they took the field that first time) We always had the Niners/Raiders and that was when the Niners truly sucked while the Raiders were winning. The Steeler games always made it too in the morning.

    I chose the Hawks immediately when I saw those unis. Against the family history and wishes. I take pride in that choice I made. Not a lot of us had that option. They were born into it or became Seahawk fans. I was all in from the beginning.
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  • I think this was asked once before. I became a Hawk fan in 1977, thereby missing by one stinking year being able to brag that I've "been here from the start." And, truth be told, I started watching football that year because that was the year CBS decided to no longer broadcast hockey!

    'Course, now I'm "all in."
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  • Great reading everyone's responses. I grew up in Dallas, and like all the other local lemmings became a Cowboys fan. While attending Texas A&M (Whoop)! I happened to see a Seahawks game where they had some trick plays (could be the one you remember OLYhawks). Well! Certainly never saw the Cowpokes do anything like that! I would then seek them out, but alas not much coverage for the Hawks down South. So without any significant coverage or internet I turned to the old Street & Smiths guide to get familiar with the team. I remember reading it out by the pool during the preseason.

    With my interested piqued, I started to tire of the Cowboys - and mostly their fans. Even had Season tickets one year which was the last nail. Cowboy fans aren't really interested in seeing the game as much as they are interested in being seen. I was at that TGiving game Starrman44, and walked down to behind the Hawks bench yelling "Daaaaaave Krieeeeeg...." I just wanted some fan acknowledgment - the trainer took pity and was fixin' to get him then durn it the offense was headed to the field. I did make it to a game in MN and was out there for warm up - and yelled "Gig 'em" to Jacob Green and got a thumbs up across the field!

    I've been to several road games (and have seen them win every time!) but NEVER to Seattle. Finally making my pilgrimage to Mecca next week for the JAX game. My interest waned during the 90's + but with the Sunday Ticket and availability of info on the net I'm back to being the typical obsessed fan. I never meet any other Hawks fans, and with a big 'ole Hawks sticker on the back of my SUV I used to get strange looks - not so much any more!
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  • My folks bought season tickets in 1976 for the inaugural season, and I proceeded to attend every home game the Kingdome ever saw. Sec. 117, Row 7, seats 1,2 and 3. 38 years now and counting and will never ever, be anything but, a lifelong Seahawk Fan!
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