Will we see the return of the Bandit package week 1 or 2?

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  • With so many key pass rushers going to be out in the beginning of the year, will we see the return of the bandit package on 3rd downs? This team is so stacked at DB that I think this would be an ideal way to get pressure on the QB. Heck I wouldn't mind seeing it on second and 10+ if we are playing with a lead. I wonder if we will save it for the 49ers game to unleash it though?
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  • I'm not sure why we got rid of it in the first place. I'd like to see it again. It seemed like every time we used it, it was effective and confused the opposing blockers. Some of that is probably subjective memory bias, but I'm pretty sure it worked well MOST of the time we used it.
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  • I doubt we see it in the first two weeks. The Seahawk base D should be able to cover any and all receivers of either the Panthers or niners.
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  • Actually I think the point of the bandit package 7-8 db's is to usually rush at least 5 from different positions and confuse the d-line and overwhelm them with speed. The first year Pete was coaching we got a ton of pressure on the qb with it and that was with a far less talented defensive backfield than we have now.
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  • The problem with using the Bandit was that it left us wide open in run defense, so it was only useful against teams with either no running game, or hugely obvious passing situations.

    But I think we still saw it on occasion last year? I'm sure the 4th down stop against New England after we went ahead was a Bandit formation
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