Not a game we should expect to lose...

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  • WarHawks wrote:All I'm really worried about is the juggernaut that is the NFC West, and possibly having to go through Atlanta at their place in the playoffs because of it. That will be extremelely tough, but doable, since we know what to expect going in.

    Atlanta will have more talent in that division. The Saints will probably be much better and Tampa looks legit. Even the Panthers can generate a few extra wins....after week 1.
    Colin Kaepernick wrote:I think our efficiency in the huddle was more of a factor than the crowd.
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  • All teams will be talking smack, well except Oakland maybe, it's the first game. Now after a 3 hour therapy session with Russell Wilson they will grasp reality and go properly back to their place as a worshipper of his greatness.

    To Be P/C or Not P/C That is the Question..........Seahawks kick Ass !!!!
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  • 12thMan1 wrote:Panther fans are already talking some smack! ... in-week-1/

    They are?? I see as many of them talking smack against there own team?
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  • Yeah I didn't think the Panthers fans were that bad at all.

    Week 1 can't come soon enough.
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  • Carmon1274 wrote:That may be true, but in regular games away from home is a different story.

    WTF? Wha? ?? Put down the crack pipe, son. ... l-vacation
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  • seatownboy wrote:All I know is week 2 with San Fran coming in the clink is going to be insane. I am happy the hawks start there season on the road, the players will be pumped and ready. Only problem they might run into is with the yellow flags, cause there to physical.

    That happens when you've got a D that uses Rs and QBs and Olines like punks in the joint. It will happen. The refs pity them and try to protect them, even though we are playing by the rules. It's what you sign up for. ... l-vacation
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  • rideaducati wrote:
    Barthawk wrote:we will will piss us off.. it had better not happen in Seattle.. i say we lose at the colts, 9ers, and giants.. that is it

    This team is not losing to the niners this season.

    Or the colts for that matter. Luck will have 3 picks that game, one for a pick 6.

    games we might lose, Texans, SF in SF, Giants.... i would've have included NO if it wasn't for the fact that games at the CLink...
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