Roster bubble player(s) you are rooting for the most vs. OAK

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  • The guy from Denver (Siliga?) and Harper.
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  • seacat1 wrote:I still believe in Winston Guy!

    I don't. Dude's dumb as a stump and lacks fundamentals. His awesome forced fumble was a whiffed tackle for a TD waiting to happen. He was out of position and got lucky. I don't think he gets the love in the locker room either.

    Lane and Maxwell would start on any other team IMO. Fantastic depth in the secondary and great special teamers. Winfield and Thurmond are duking it out for the nickel corner. Maragos and Jeron Johnson are excellent depth for the safety spots. Guy is totally the odd man out in the secondary (litterally odd. That kid seems weird to me).

    I think Mayowa makes the team no problem, but the real question is if he'll be able to stick once Avril, Irvin and Clemons all come back (assuming Clem isn't ready for week 1).
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  • I realize I may be alone on the Winston Guy bandwagon but I watched him his whole college career and really believe he can play at this level. He is a safety that can play in the box and help takeaway the read option that a lot of teams run now. If he doesn't make the Seahawks roster he will make someone else's(probably Jax).
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  • Darren Fells.
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  • Mr brooks. Love what i have seen from him. He always seems to be in the backfield disrupting things.
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  • The Turk is looming. I would not want to be the people trying to figure all of this out. I would however, like to cash at least one of their checks.
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  • Just wanted to confirm the following:

    There is room for both Turbin and Michael in the final roster of players.

    Assuming they are both included, there is no great significance to who Carroll designates as Lynch back-up in first game, as Carroll can switch them around as he pleases.

    Do I have that correct?
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