anyone else forced to listen to the Chargers announcers?

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  • One of the worst announcing performances ever. I don't mind Fouts doing color but he made so many mistakes and the other guy was a clown who should never be given a microphone again. Just brutal.
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  • Yeah I had to watch it with my son on the NFLN when it was live. Lets put this perspective on how horrible they were. He is 10, and he kept asking and I quote, "why these people who are talking so stupid?"

    Now of course I had to be like it's the San Diego broadcast. Hell, I even stuck up for Fouts at the start of the game, saying he was a great QB for them back in the late 70's-80's. After, what seemed like 10-15 mistakes and started agreeing with him. The clincher for me was when Wiggs went up to kick a FG (with the graphic that said Wiggs was kicking). That's when the two the those morons where like, no it's Houshka (spelling?) no Wiggs, no it's Houshka, no it's Wiggs and the ball was through the uprights by then. I told him flat out, this is what happens when you take to many shots to the head and drink too much.

    Side note, the chef thing was probably because after they went to the game play, right after Fouts and the other guy picked their food, they probably started to inhale it in front of him. He sounded more shocked than nervous the whole time. Yeah that was pretty strange, I wish we could have had the Hawks broadcast. Sure some people don't like it, but I love it. A lot of goofy interviews and a lot of homerism, if you don't like a preseason hawks broadcast, think of this horrible Chargers broadcast, almost nothing is worse than that.
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  • The worst part for you guys that had to endure it is that the Seahawks broadcast featured Brock Huard, whom I feel did an excellent job.
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  • I muted it and listened to the radio, which was 30 seconds in the future and hawk homers.
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  • Whenever Fouts does any commentary, i always picture him stroking his beard with every point he makes.
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  • drdiags wrote:The former Charger not named Fouts was most likely Hank Bauer, former RB for the Chargers. I think he was the guy who stated Matt Hasselbeck was the worse starting QB ever when the Seahawks played the Chargers in preseason in early 2000's.

    If it wasn't him that called Matt out for an interception he threw in pre-season, he was the guy who called the Seahawks one of the sorriest franchises back in the Air Coryell days and bemoaned the fact that the Chargers lost to them in a game that cost them playoff seeding (NFLN series on near miss champions).

    Hank Bauer is a former running back and kick returner who played his entire NFL career with the Chargers from 1977-82. Since 1998 he has been the color commentator for Chargers radio broadcasts.

    I used to live in Vegas, and we had to listen to these guys a lot. Hank Bauer is actually pretty funny; when the Chargers do something stupid, like a penalty or a turnover, the guy totally has a meltdown. It's really pretty entertaining. Their usual play by play guy has a high, whiny voice and every time they get a first down, he flips out like it's a TD and yells out "move those chains". It's actually more annoying than the Vikings horn every time they get a first down.
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  • RockHawk wrote:The worst part for you guys that had to endure it is that the Seahawks broadcast featured Brock Huard, whom I feel did an excellent job.

    I have to agree... I thought the Seahawks broadcast we got here in Boise was excellent... Completely professional and really called well... :th2thumbs:
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  • Yeah, I'm about an hour north of SD and it was really bad. Every other flag on the hawks was tagged as a "Cheap Shot" by Fouts and the old LB (who clearly took too many head shots in his career).

    But you see, along with the chicken fingers and sloppy pulled-pork sandwiches, this is all part of their master plan to get more people to fill seats... make the broadcast team so excruciatingly terrible that people have no choice but to go see the chargers live rather than endure watching that crap at home.
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  • I was very pleased by the commentating from Curt Menefee and Brock Huard. Remember those days of Kevin Calabro calling preseason games? Turrible.
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  • theENGLISHseahawk wrote:God I forgot about the chef.

    I thought I was dreaming.

    Yeah , that was surreal. Went on forever. I did laugh my ass off though when the Chef lost it and said "I'm choking here"

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  • My favourite bit was when Spanos left Fout's buddy hanging on a handshake.
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  • Luckily, I had my volume turned way too low to really hear them, or at least make it easy to block them out. I was watching while Skyping with my brother, who was also watching the game in a different state, and I had misplaced my headset. So I had to keep the volume down to make sure it wouldn't find its way to the laptop's mic. The chef coming on was kinda hilarious. We eventually commentated on the commentators, MST3K style.
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  • Ya man im sorry for what u guys had to deal with. Up here in Toronto we got brock and curt and was very suprized with having not worked together how well and professional it was. kind of sad I missed the trainwreck that was san degios team. But that Is only said in hindsight after getting a good one.
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