Will Thurmond win the job over Browner...?

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  • I'd rather see Maxwell out there then Thurmond if tonight was any indication of what he's going to be like this year. He wasn't even average....
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  • The Radish wrote:
    m0ng0 wrote:Warren Moon just stated on whatever the 3pm kiro sports dudez show is that he thinks one of these two will not be on the team. I don't see either getting cut, maybe one gets traded or is Warren is talking out his backside?

    Sounds like Moon is already drunk.


    Yep, 'd like to have some of what he's smoking, if he truly believes that.
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  • mikeak wrote:Thurmond is getting 1st unit reps so that we can trade him this year for good value....

    THIS +
    There aren't too many Receivers/TE's standing in line to take this bull by the horns.
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  • Maybe but then again if he stays healthy he's our nickel back next year at the very least.
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  • I thought WT3 looked slow out there last night, even on his punt return he lacked explosiveness. I wonder how WT3 fits in with the other DB's? It seem like the secondary has great chemistry, i just don't ever remember Walter being around those guys. Might just be he's always in the training room. If i had to choose between the two right now, it's not even close, BB would win by a mile. BB might give up a little here and there but his big play ability, toughness, durability and Swag make up that. If WT3 can stay healthy for 16 games then maybe we can discuss this next preseason.
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  • BB homer till I die, he plays football like it should be played, the entertainment value from his is an A+ and he doesn't get injured, injuries are obnoxious.
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  • Thurmond has a lot of rust to dust off. He will be fine. My only thing with him, was when he was returning punts I was thinking that his leg could just break in half at any time for no reason.
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  • Thurmond was pretty bad last night. Maybe he was just a bit rusty, but I don't see him taking over for Browner.

    I think the question should be, does he even make this team?
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  • My answer is no.
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  • For Walter to take BBs spot he will have to perform a lot better than he did yesterday, that's for sure.
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  • Browner can take a guy like Terrell Owens, jam him at the line and then drive him into the ground completely taking him out of the play. I'll never forget that. It's irreplaceable, and I doubt Thurmond could ever do anything like it.

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  • I have always liked Thurmond. however I think something needs to be said about tackle football.
    When you tackle someone hard, or hit them hard they tend to hear footsteps and it throws off their game.
    Browner brings this physicality to the corner position that accents our defense. Thurmond brings a great nickel position.
    Lets not forget... It was browner and Thurmond who started out as our corners a few years back.
    all i'm saying is just because you don't see uniqueness doesn't mean it isn't there ;)
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  • I can't believe this thread exists.. :141847_bnono:
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  • Exactly. Thurmond isn't going anywhere and probably is our nickel corner soon enough.
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