Finding the Fits: Williams hoping to Roll Tide in SEA

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  • Hawks46 wrote:
    TeamoftheCentury wrote:Maybe it was all the rumors that he may be just 5'-11", 206 lbs. without all the tattoos? An idea for the SF game: His teammates should put a note in his locker (and sign it: Frank Gore, et al), "The factory in the homeland needs you to report immediately to help identify those bent (damaged) bananas." Then, fans, get your popcorn ready.
    The season can't get here soon enough. It's going to be a marvelous thing to behold.

    Side note: Did anyone see this? Since the Hawks rotate their guys... maybe JS should get this guy's agent on the phone for a reverse Cable-esque Dan Quinn/Travis Jones DT project? The Destroyer? ... int-return

    Holy crap! I hadn't seen this before....that guy has almost no body fat for 340 lbs and squared up on that DB and crushed him.

    I happened to be flipping channels and caught that play...Poor dude never saw it coming.

    Go Hawks.
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  • every time he gets a sack, or a tackle it's going to be called the yolocaust
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  • godawg wrote:I think Tha Monstar (my adopted rookie) will surprise people with his ability to collapse the pocket and flush out QBs. His role for the Tide was run-stopper, but PC and DQ may get a lot more out of Jesse. If his knees hold up, Tha Monstar will be this year's 5th round steal.

    Will there BE a pocket with him and Mebane in at the same time? I would love to see that.
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  • Kixkahn wrote:Even if he was drafted in the fifth so was Sherman. ;)

    So was Kam 'Bam-Bam' Chancellor..... Two Pro Bowl caliber players out of the 5th round... Can Williams make it 3?,.. I like the odds.

    I loved the Williams pick in the 5th Rd, Low Risk (in the 5th Rd), High Reward (has the talent to become a pro bowl player)...
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  • Man, I was on pins and needles watching him slide and wanting him to be ours. Imagine my excitement when we got him in the 5th! I was thinking 3rd round! :)
    "God Bless the Seattle Seahawks" Cortez Kennedy
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  • I'm an Alabama fan, and have watched this guy grow on a game-by-game basis. No, not even a game-by-game basis, a snap-by-snap basis. This guy is an animal and you guys got an absolute STEAL in the 5th. If we wouldn't have drafted John Jenkins from UGA with our second pick in the 3rd, I would've been highly upset that we passed on Jesse.

    He is a stud, and will eat up a lot of double teams. :thirishdrinkers:

    pehawk wrote:I have a boner, right now, as I type this.

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