Highlight vid of an underrated Seahawk

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  • Yet another player that was a "bad pick" according to guys like Smell Diaper. Love it
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  • He made some big tackles against Falcons, too.
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  • I like that play where he comes on a blitz and sacks Kaepernick. He tried to pull a Russell Wilson and spin out of it to the outside, but he just isn't as good!!!
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Re: Highlight vid of an underrated Seahawk
Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:01 am
  • im still waiting for the Mebane highlight film
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  • dunceface wrote:
    HawKnPeppa wrote:All signs point to a breakout season.

    Is it wrong that I kinda feel like 60% of our roster is gonna have a breakout season? :229031_shrug:

    That doesn't exclude others from breaking out. I'm an equal opportunity optimist, and no, it is not wrong to include the whole roster... especially if we keep Fells 8-)
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  • Hawken-Dazs wrote:He made some big tackles against Falcons, too.

    He's a more freakish, durable and humble version of Anthony Simmons. Cake + icing. The real deal.
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  • I'm a big believer that the front four have a huge impact on the LB's and part of the reason Wright and Wagner haven't broke out is because we haven't yet had the right combination of front four so they are constantly picking up the slack rather than making highlight reels. Look at Willis and Bowman last year when Justin Smith was injured. They disappeared just like Aldon Smith did. Hopefully Quinn can get the winning combination set at the front four and we will be able to see what Wagner and Wright are really capable of.
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  • Rumble young man rumble. He is a beast.
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