T.O. Takes a Jab on Sherman and gives love to The Seahawks.

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  • Just watched NFL AM's segment called "Tweet Talk." T.O. poked fun at Sherman, all in fun tho. Then went on and praised Sherm and Browner on being some of the top CB's in the NFL. Then was asked who was gonna make it to the Super Bowl. First team outta his mouth was the Seattle Seahawks. T.O. predicts the Patriots and Seahawks to play in the Super Bowl. Thought it was pretty sweet.
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  • He just wants another chance...not buyin it. Next week it will be the BC Lions in the Super Bowl....get that man a pay cheque! In all seriousness, i'm glad T.O. has gotten a bit wiser...most things were BS, but I think he has a valid point.
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  • TO has been "coached-up" on not burning bridges, is all.

    Proves that no matter how many mistakes someone makes in life, there can always be found someone who cares enough to offer advice. In this case, it is probably his agent, who stands to eek-out a few dollars in income. Get on TV, say things that might get twisted or discussed, say nice things about teams that did extend employment offers in the past, and act ready.

    Not a bad plan, if there are bills needing paid...
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