SF Giants give Carroll custom World Series jersey..

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  • Seattle (Mariner and/or Seahawks) fans weren't much better. Seemingly every post on facebook related to his jersey picture
    was a version of "Send it back" or "how dare you" with an occasional "he's from northern CA".
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  • The volume of sand in vaginas of Whiners fans is insane.
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  • RolandDeschain wrote:Buahahaha, check out all the furious Giants/49ers fans that Tweeted replies about this. ... l&src=typd

    Some of my favorites:
    Solomon ‏@Solomon650 13 Jun
    @SFGiants I will not attend another game this season & you may have just lost a lifelong fan for your @petecarroll stunt #SFGiants

    Audias Hernandez ‏@audias87 10 Jun
    @mattbarrows @PeteCarroll @SFGiants ew, I just threw up in my mouth. Go #49ers #sfgiants

    Tiarra Greenwood ‏@TiaB_About_It 10 Jun
    “@jdub1998: @NinersNation @TiaB_About_It @PeteCarroll @SFGiants Carroll sucks”- him and the flock of sea pigeons he rolls with!!!

    pete ‏@themayorpete 10 Jun
    can we please move on to more important WHY IN THE F did the @sfgiants give Pete Carroll a custom jersey?

    Maggie Pilloton ‏@MaggiePilloton 10 Jun
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RT @PeteCarroll Thanks to the @SFGiants for this sweet jersey!! #GoGiants

    alex schriener ‏@alphsc13 10 Jun
    "@PeteCarroll: Thanks to the @SFGiants for this sweet jersey!! #GoGiants" WORST. THING. EVER. Who the f*@k did this??

    alex schriener ‏@alphsc13 10 Jun
    @mattbarrows @PeteCarroll @SFGiants that jersey better be coated in ricin

    So many more...

    Their tears are sooooo sweet. :179417:
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  • One douche actually called us out. He said .net all wanted him fired before Wilson. Its laughable. I don't see the big deal. He is and has been a vocally huge Giants fan.
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  • There were maybe one or two people here saying that Pete might be on the hot seat going into last season and they were drowned out in a chorus of people telling them they were crazy.
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  • SacHawk2.0 wrote:

    ...And some people say I explain jokes.
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  • I'd freak out and be super sensy poo too if my baseball team gave a jersey to the guy who whooped my beloved football team 42-13.
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  • Throwdown wrote:Lol @ the comments, are they salty or what?

    They like salty things in the city by the bay.
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