Re-Evaluating the Harvin Trade (w/ a T-Jack return)

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  • Pandion Haliaetus wrote:Yeah, I'm in the camp that Harvin will likely see limited targets and I would be surprised to see any Seahawks WR surpass 800 yards. Too many weapons with a QB that spreads the ball around in a rush-heavy offense. But I do see several WRs with 5-10 TDs. Scoring wins games

    Harvin's influence or his value isn't going to be precedent on his production, I don't think the Seahawks care one bit if Harvin doesn't get the prototypical 1000+ yards, 7+ TDs qualifers you'd want in a #1 guy or #2 guy on some teams.

    I'm in complete agreement with this. I'm surprised to see so many smart people getting hung up on Harvin's production. I think a similar comparison would actually be Earl Thomas. Earl doesn't really have numbers that jump out at you year after year, but I don't think anyone would argue that he's the most important part of our defense - and arguably the defenses best player. But he makes it all possible.

    I don't think Harvin will be the most important player in our offense, but his presence will be felt every time he's on the field. This is unlike any Seahawk since, maybe Joey Galloway, but even that's a stretch. The other team will have to seriously account for him on every play. This is that whole "tilt the field" concept.

    No player valued around # 25 in the draft was going to affect the team to that degree. It was a great trade, as far as I'm concerned. Plus - granted the FA money would have helped but it seems apparent to me that this team is pushing for approximately a 2 year window to take the SB they re-evaluating / slightly rebuilding.

    I think as fans, and spectators it's really easy to get caught up on statistics - but ultimately they don't matter at all. The game isn't a simulation. Harvin makes the Seahawk offense hard to damn near impossible to defend in combination with our other strengths. It's that simple. We didn't sign the guy to put up numbers. We signed him to help us get wins. He will, they will, Go Seahawks.
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  • Pandion I buy points 1 and 2 although they are so self-evident I don't know that we needed to kill so many virtual trees repeating them.

    As for point 3 I don't think there'll be any impact on our defense due to Percy. Yeah he's a talented guy, but with a secondary as good as ours there simply isn't room for big improvements. It's going to be difficult for that secondary to improve much period over last season. If we do detect improvement in the secondary this year it's more likely to be attributable to a better pass rush, another year for our stud secondary, or the presence of Winfield.

    As to point 4, yes Percy's electrifying as a returner but Lean was a pretty close 2nd. So again, despite Percy's considerable skills in this area, it's going to be difficult for the return game to have more impact, especially since Percy won't be as rested as Leon was while returning kicks. I do admit the possibility of Percy proving me very, very wrong on this point however. Mainly because it would only take a few more big runbacks compared to Leon to be considered a "big impact", because those loom so large in the game landscape.
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