McCoy waived/inj --Out for the yr (Bscherer signed)

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  • A snippet on Fells and Willson. Should help Willson that he is getting more time with the big boys

    Some tidbits

    * The Seahawks announced that tight end Anthony McCoy, who suffered an torn Achilles tendon that required surgery, has been waived/injured, and offensive lineman Jake Bscherer has been added to the roster in his place.

    With McCoy out, fifth-round choice Luke Willson had an opportunity to step up and show he can be a reliable target in the passing game. But Willson showed he still has some work to do, with two drops and another couple Russell Wilson interceptions that were intended for the Rice product.

    Wilson talked to Willson on the side after the second interception, appearing to talk about the route concept.

    * Linebackers K.J. Wright and Kyle Knox both had the interceptions while guarding Willson, making nice breaks on the ball.

    * TE Darren Fells had a couple nice catches on underneath routes during 7-on-7 passing drills.

    Read more here: ... rylink=cpy
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  • Good link.

    Off-topic, but it was nice to read this:

    * Cornerback Antoine Winfield provided sticky coverage in nickel situations, and appears a nice fit for Seattle’s defense.
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  • This was the only real option for the Hawks with McCoy. He wasn't eligible to be a 'designated for return' player on IR, and the odds of him being physically ready to play at any acceptable level late in the season were very, very low, making the PUP list an unlikely option. By doing this, there's the 1% chance that another team will claim him and take his salary off of the Hawks' hands, and if not, it give the Hawks the option of working out an injury settlement with McCoy if he's interested in that. I don't expect he will be, so we're likely to see McCoy spending the season on the sidelines in a cheerleading role while he rehabs for the 2014 season and perhaps gets brought back on a low-dough prove-it deal.
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  • Sorry to hear, but not at all surprising. You don't come back from that in one season and as much as I like McCoy, he's not worth burning a roster spot on hoping he recovers. Well, all the McCoy haters out there get a chance to see what somebody else might be able to do. Best of luck to Willson with 2 L's and Fell. Next man up!
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  • No surprise, given his injury and contract status.

    I'd like to see them look at Dante Rosario, he's a similar player, but a bit more polished as a receiver. I think he's still a free agent.
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  • I didn't think he was making the team regardless.
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  • ak3000 wrote:The Kellen Winslow curse for all backup Seahawk TEs continues...

    Morrah, Moore, McCoy

    That post disgusts me.

    Leave this weak sh!t at home.
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  • ak3000 wrote:The Kellen Winslow curse for all backup Seahawk TEs continues...

    Morrah, Moore, McCoy

    Why not just say that "all backup Seahawk TE's with names that begin with "M" are cursed"? :roll:
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