KJ making plays at OTA and getting snaps at Weak side

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  • I know the labels are pretty simple....

    Strongside LB=Sam
    Middle LB=Mike
    Weakside LB=Will

    It's nothing more complicated or symbolic than that. Strong/Weak side pertains to the location of the TE, assuming a normal base OL formation with 1 TE in play. That's why you sometimes see the LB's in a bit of a Chinese fire drill as the Oline gets in formation. They are aligning themselves so that Sam is on the TE side and Will on the open side.

    How Pete uses them in his schemes is a bit more complicated. ;)
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  • olyfan63 wrote:Bruce Irvin was a safety in JuCo before they turned him loose on QBs at West Virginia. I've heard bits and pieces he has looked comfortable and capable in coverage during OTAs.
    So I'm thinking Irvin might get his 1st and 2nd down snaps in a LB spot where he has cover and pass rushing choices. He can be an X-factor.
    Agreed, Irvin mostly sucked when he was taking on beefy O-Linemen in the running game, and had problems in pass rush too. The guy is a special athlete and hard worker.
    I think they find LB snaps for him a bunch this year.

    An aside... anyone have a link to a good explanation of the Seahawks linebacker spots? Will, Sam, Mike, Leo, etc. I'm still confused. I understand Leo more or less, at least as defined by Clemons. Also if it shows where the names came from (Sam Huff? Mike Singletary?) that would be helpful too.

    In case you wanted a deeper breakdown of Seattle's defense (you can skip to the breakdown of the linebacker positions, but they're all worth the full read.)

    Keep in mind, some of the details in the article are discussing Pete's philosophy at USC and/or the Seahawks defense under Gus Bradley. Under Dan Quinn we might still be waiting to see all the new changes installed in the defense and what it means to each position.

    Defining the Seahawks' Defense: An Introduction ... troduction

    Defining the Seahawks' Defense: Pete Carroll's Journey ... nte-kiffin

    USC 4-3 Under Defense - Pete Carroll

    An evaluation of the linebacker positions by Bill Walsh (Fun to read)
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  • Wow. Excellent thread.

    Should someone check up on kearly? :stirthepot: Carrolls compete mantra actually, and no wonder, trickles even down to it's best Seahawk tawkin site on the net, .Net that is.

    Thanks kearly and scientific name for a seahawk, guy.
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