Taking issue with Marshawn Lynch's OTA absence, here is why;

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  • CALIHAWK1 wrote:At his age and experience, the position he plays and his lingering back, I have no issue with it. He isn't the Mike Rob rahrah vocal guy. As far as the Earls and Russels, they are younger and the leaders. As much of a talent Marshawn is I don't think he is neccessarily looked to as a leader.

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  • I don't think Marhawn or anyone else on the team is looking at it like he feels he's above the team to show up for OTAs. With his back issues,maybe he needs a more specialized training regimen that can't be provided at OTAs. It's not like he's on vacation...he's down in Cali with his own trainer busting his ass preparing just as hard as anyone else. Plus he still makes the trip up to Seattle to check in and stay updated with the team.
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  • I don't even care if he shows up for training camp. Be there for the 3rd preseason game ready to roll and i'm good.
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    Glad he finally realized he was not above the team to show up for OTAs :sarcasm off
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  • I wish I wouldn't have said I was worried about the beast. Beast is a mysterious creature and will do what he wants. He'll be fine.
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  • He's baaaaaacccccckkkkk
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  • Sometimes following sports makes me wonder about my masculinity. Good thing I am closer to death so I don't have to live long without any pride.
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  • Well that seemed much ado about nothing.
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  • Yeah, pretty obvious he was staying in Oaktown dealing with the DUI crap, and once it was clear that nothing was happening any time soon on that front, he packed his bags and headed north.
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    Glad he finally realized he was not above the team to show up for OTAs :sarcasm off

    I have those socks in two different colors.
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  • I can't even get sort of worried about Lynch missing a couple practices. He does what he needs to do on game day, that's what matters.
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