Aaron Curry solidified his position as....

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  • I think the fact that Curry was way over drafted and overpaid is only part of the story. He could have become a servicable starting linebacker if he had the commitment. I believe at least that. If he had become a Leroy Hill type, his career would have been a disappointment, but not an outright bust.
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  • Curry sucks
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  • Couldn't handle the money

    50 million, set for life, everything else just became more important then football.
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  • After seeing what this team has become...I'm guessing he wishes he had tried a bit harder while in Seattle. He totally missed the championship boat.

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  • He could have used some Adderall. Just saying.
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  • Kind of sad really, here's a Ferrari sitn' up on blocks
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  • Evil_Shenanigans wrote:He could have used some Adderall. Just saying.

    He needs something a lot stronger than that
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  • Smelly McUgly wrote:
    -The Glove- wrote:I'm glad the outrageous rookie contracts are a thing of the past. Never understood how a pup could come in and make so much more than a proven vet. You should be paid for performance not potential.

    I think that players should be paid whatever the market is willing to give them with no restrictions.

    Couldn't disagree more. That was the problem with the old rookie wages, these guys were holding teams hostage. The team had the pressure to get the players in camp, everyone held out, a lot of guys would sign during pre-season and rookie years were wasted.

    I think a lot of reason young QB's are doing better is that holdouts are a thing of the past.

    I think players should be paid what the market is willing in free agency, as a rookie? No. There is no market, either the team and player agrees or they don't.
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  • If I were in Pete and John's shoes, I would put copies of this article in every rookie's welcome packet and playbook during the off-season. Right in the front. I would highlight in yellow, Curry's comments about the motivational changes he experienced after getting paid upon entering the league. I would also post some of Curry's comments in strategic places around the facility that the young guys will see often during OTA and off-season workouts as a cautionary tale. The message - "Hey guys, we care about you. Guard your hearts and minds. Don't be this guy."

    Hindsight being what it is, it's easy to say Curry is too slow mentally, was never going to get it, shouldn't have been picked, etc. However, at draft time that year, he was considered by 'most' experts around the league, and I'm exluding the Kipers of the group, just the inside-the-beltway NFL scouts and GM's, as a "can't miss", "safest pick in the draft", "no brainer" kind of player. Several talking-heads asked, "could he be the next Lawrence Taylor?"

    If management can influence a Christine Michael or any other rookie of the uniquely rare opportunity they have, and how quickly it can be taken away from them, we all win, management, the team, the fans.
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