Where do I find the Seahawk Charity/Publicity Events

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  • I feel like I do a pretty good job keeping up with Seahawks news. I have a lot of players on twitter, I keep updated on this forum,,, and However, I always feel like there are these awesome Seahawk Charity and/or Publicity events that I never hear of until after it happened (on twitter or from a highlight video). You know where you can pay like $60-$200/ticket, show up, get to meet some players, get autographs, take pictures, etc. Events like the most recent Bowling event at Lucky Strike or that dinner they did at El Gaucho, and my immediate thoughts are where were the sign ups for these things? I would have totally been there for $xxx. Sadly it seems like the Trufant bowling event is going to come to an end, and that was the only consistent one I really knew of.

    Anyway, yeah anyone know how to best keep up with these type of events?

    Kind of same deal with autograph sessions, other than the ones at the Pro Shop and Mill Creek Sports, also never really hear about them until after the fact.
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