A thought about Pete Carroll influencing the NFL

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  • Let's not discuss the PED's issue. Let's talk about how Pete Carroll and John Schneider have revolutionized this team. No one in the country believed the Seahawks would take three years into the new era to play in the divisional game in the playoffs and lose to the Falcons by a FG.

    Now, PC and JS do not abide by conventional wisdom. They go by their own wisdom. They build through the draft with unknown players(Actually the really only "known" status players that PC drafted were Russell Okung and Earl Thomas, maybe reaaallll iffy Russell Wilson).

    This is just an imagination. I am in no way predicting that we will do this, but if we do win the Super Bowl, win the Conference Championship, win our division outright, or have the best record in the NFC, will we have successfully proven Green Bay's player philosophy(finding unkowns cheap instead of paying for high priced players)? Will we begin a revolution in the NFL that other teams will want to try at the very least(I'm sure some do, but not as much as the Seahawks do)? What will be the end result of Pete Carroll's legacy in the NFL at the end of his career? If so, the Seahawks may potentially have the most radical, game-changer in Pete Carroll.

    I'm saying teams are bad at finding players, I'm just wondering if the rest of the NFL will really begin to realize that PC's method works. you get my drift. It's hard not to imagine Carroll's philosophy taking over the NFL and follow his ideas.
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  • According to your post wouldn't the Green Bay Packers have begun the revolution?
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  • I'm not sure that the Schneider/Caroll method of "building through the draft with unknown" is really all that much as they are just BETTER at doing it than other teams. I mean, all teams want high value out of their later picks...but the seahawks get it. The Russell Wilson pick was probably the best value-pick since Tom Brady.
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  • Loads of fans – and probably some owners – are going to call for rebuilds and turn-arounds like P&J have done. But it's like demanding that each guy at the combine clears 10 feet in the broad jump. They can all try, but only the elite few will succeed.
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  • A Pete Carroll string and no Sis yet? This thread has gotta be 3 hours old by now. I'm getting a little concerned, has anyone seen her?...gotta get burned out trunk of a car out of my mind...Please Sis, if you can hear me??
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  • I guess I over-exaggerated and overreacted here. Sure GB first used the model but no one else really proved that it worked(Okay okay, consider the Oakland A's baseball team a team that used this model). I just wonder if all teams in the NFL in the future will someday use some of GB's and SEA's method.
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  • They can try but still need the players to fit the teams needs and someone like JS and PC to find the talent
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  • I think the real reason Pete Carroll and John Schneider have had so much success at drafting is not because they are so successful at finding unknown players, but because they are so successful at developing their players.

    They first look at players who fit a certain height/weight/speed criteria (with some obvious exceptions for superior talent) and interview them and see if they are competitive enough to make it on this team.

    If someone has the talent, measurables, and competitiveness to succeed, Pete Carroll knows how to bring out the best in them. He allows every rookie an equal chance of making the team and has a great way of building their confidence.

    If there's a revolution to be made in the NFL, it would be Pete's coaching style. Nobody thought his college coaching style would work in the NFL. And perhaps its not necessarily a college style, but whatever it is, its working.
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  • Also, PC and JS take chances on players with talent but "issues", and get them to perform, but some of their bets on players with issues go bad on the issues part.
    To me the whole angle, players are out of control, lawless Wild West under PC, is a silly, phony argument, and primarily results from making more bets on those players than solid-citizens-only GMs like Tim Ruskell. There are a ton of awesome solid citizens under PC/JS, but they also only keep around players with physical talent who can out-compete others in a fair (as best it can be made) competition based on on-field performance.
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