What was the biggest play of the 2013 season?

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  • Play of the Season: Seahawks v. Atlanta
    Most important play of the season was a short pass right to Tony Gonzalez that went for 19 yards, ultimately ending in a 49 yard field goal from Matt Bryant. Like it or not, this tape can be brought back over the next 5 years and multiple Seahawks Superbowl wins as a lesson in the need for constant focus.

    For an older team I wouldn't agree with the thought process. But for a younger team it can be an invaluable lesson. Just look at what Russell went through at Wisconsin with tough losses to Michigan and Oregon.
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  • Spokane wrote:
    WestcoastSteve wrote:
    Spokane wrote:It was when the Hawks had to make a 65 yarder FG to move to the next round of the playoffs.

    Yes 65 yards is a tough one to kick...However we had Wiggs earlier in the year who can and has kicked one that far in a game.

    Thankfully we have Wiggs back. Steven and his amazingness at 43 yards and below need to go.

    OMG please don't start this BS again, no one has ever made a 65 yarder before in a game. Only 63 yarders have been kicked (with wind to the kickers back) time for people to stop crying over spilled milk.

    The Hail Mary is a low percentage throw but it had a chance.

    Don't cry about my post! The op asked what was the biggest play of the year, I felt it was the one that could have moved us to the next round of the playoffs. If you think there was a bigger play, thats fine. Just don't whine like a girl about my choice.

    So the biggest play was one that never happened? Makes sense...
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  • For me there was not one play in particular. The Chicago game was the turning point in my mind. I knew after that game we were "long term good".
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  • hedgehawk wrote:Chicago game but the play I was thinking of was the Miller catch on 4th down with Urlacher drapped all over him. Tate scored soon after if I remember right.

    This is the one I would go with as well. The picture was muddied earlier in the thread by a few who remembered incorrectly. Please allow me to paint a picture as I just went back and watched the drive to enjoy Russell Wilson's brilliance once more. As we had started our drive down by 4 and at our own 3 yard line, Wilson connected on a couple of passes, then came up with a couple of big runs to put us in third and manageable. He hits Baldwin for an apparent first down, but Giacomini is called for holding. This puts us in 3 and 14 with less than two minutes to play. Wilson fires a quick completion to Baldwin who takes the ball up the middle trying to cross the line to gain, but comes up 3 yards short. It's fourth and 3 and we are not even thinking about taking a timeout, Wilson has to get both Tate and Baldwin lined up correctly on the left, while directing Rice to get his butt over to the right as we go empty backfield. The time on the clock is running down and Wilson, cool as a cucumber, gets the ball and fires the ball to Miller over the middle as Urlacher tries to dislodge the ball. This play was absolutely pivotal in proving that Wilson could in fact deliver the winning drive on the road as just two plays later we took the lead. It was his poise in this game that propelled our team to new heights and the reason that almost all of us expect huge things from the Seahawks next season.
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  • I'd say the biggest play would be the fail mary just because of all the national exposure it got, and it resulting in bringing back the regular refs. I'd still have to say my favorite play was when Chancellor blew up Vernon Davis or Golden Tate de-cleating Sean Lee. Neither were huge in the long run, but both were awesome hits that highlight this new mentality the 'Hawks are bringing to the table and why nobody can consider us a soft team anymore.
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  • My favorite play was the game winner against the Patriots. I don't think that was the most important though.

    1. Tate final TD in reg vs. Bears.
    2. Sidney game wnner vs Bears.
    3. The second half vs the Skins
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