NFL Power Rankings - Hawks #2 / Niners #1

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  • Cartire wrote:
    dunceface wrote:ECB! this is one clowns list and I'm not buyin it!
    Not nearly as good as the ESPN list which is a group of five well repsected journalists.

    I only respect 2 of those 5. Fox, Graziano and Hensley are horrible. Fox is only there because of equal opportunity, but shes a horrible sports writer. Graziano consistently put the cowboys way in front of the hawks until about the last 3 weeks of the year, continually stating that he felt, regardless of record, that the Cowboys were a better team then Seattle.

    Sando is the smartest writer I know who constantly injects stats and records and overall facts (not opinions) into his columns.

    Clayton, all though a cocky son-of-a, has an extremely high football IQ.

    Yeah I wasn't being completely serious and I would completely agree with you on you analyst analysis
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  • mistaowen wrote:
    therealjohncarlson wrote:We should be a bit lower, #3 or 4 but still, Ill take it!

    I've seen you say multiple times we should be lower in these power ranking, so besides us "winning consistently on the road" which most NFL teams don't do anyways, what is your reasoning? I'm honestly curious. Even the best teams will have 4 loss seasons with 3 on the road.

    Also, I'm moving to Cambridge next week and plan on going to BU for graduate school, so if you are still in the Boston area we should go to a bar to watch some Seahawk games this year haha :229031_cheers:

    I think we have the talent to be the #1 team next year and I really hope we are. To be honest its just me trying to temper my expectations a little bit in case everything doesnt go according to plan next year.

    Im definitely down to hit up a bar haha, I usually just watch it on an online stream. Btw check your messages
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  • We are better than the Niners at almost every level (including FO & coaching staff)....on paper, but we faltered in the playoffs twice. When we were dicking around with the Skins, the Niners were blowing out the Packers. Both of us looked lost against Atlanta for the better part of our games, but the Niners prevailed. I have no problem gifting them this meaningless, off season 1 spot.

    I have zero reservations about who the better team is (in actuality) and believe we will prove that on the field. IF one team is going to sweep the other, it is my opinion we will be holding the broom. If I were Harbaugh, I'd stop obsessing over the Hawks, so much. The smarter strategy, IMO, would be to focus on sweeping the Rams (good luck with that) and Cards.
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