Percy Harvin #90 of Top 100 for 2013

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Re: Percy Harvin #90 of Top 100 for 2013
Sat May 04, 2013 5:34 am
  • lol at Jacoby Jones being higher than Harvin. Put it this way. Jacoby Jones has played in the league two years more than Harvin and Harvin has 100+ more receptions and 1000+ more receiving yards. Also, the fact that the Texans released Jones last year and their really wasn't a market at all for him. Harvin gets traded to the Seahawks for a bevy of picks including a first and signs a monster contract. Thats telling enough.

    And if this list was made in December, no way Jones would have been in the Top 100. He got vaulted in due to his playoff performances.

    Oh and the female who is the host of the Top 100 has already confirmed that the Big Three of rookie QBs all made the list.
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