Any veteran free agents you'd still like to see Seattle add?

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  • I still think Richard Seymour would be interesting, that is if he's still out there.
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  • The Seahawks are no where near done! All of these very good FAs are finding out they will be working for pennies, and will want to at least win for that low of cash. The hawks can stock pile probowlers right now and should! We are overstocked on young talent, so much so that we know we can't keep all of it (they should trade them for picks before losing them to FA).
    One thing to think about is that these "very good" FAs will be "amazing" on the Hawks team. They will not have to carry the team like they use to. What is nice is that all we have are probowlers, so our players are doing thier job plus. This seems like a cake job for incoming FA! (If they make the team)

    Bring them all in! Upgrade! Compete! It seems to be working so far!

    I can see at least 2 OL 2 DL 1 LB 1 QB makeing the team that is not on right now.
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  • I want Dansby, I don't even care if it works. Just please me.
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  • Are there any good safeties available to back up Thomas? I don't trust Maragos if ET gets hurt.
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  • definitely o-line depth..
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  • Technically, not a UFA. This would require a trade:

    Jabaal Sheard

    I mentioned him a couple months back on SDB, and I think now more than ever, his availability has to be presumed and not suspected.

    Cleveland moved from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Sheard is a quick 260 lb 4-3 end. They had hoped to move him to OLB when the new staff arrived.

    2 months later the browns pulled the trigger on Barkevious Mingo at #6 overall. Basically, it's Sheard or Mingo at this point, since the other OLB is pretty set. If you're Cleveland, you don't make that pick on an OLB unless you have a sizable man crush. Because there were plenty of prospects available there where Cleveland could have traded out and taken a different OLB or fill another need.

    Cleveland just sunk 11M/yr on their left OLB (Paul Kruger). So there are 3 OLBs and only 2 OLB spots.

    Sheard is a very productive player who possesses the size and speed to actually be a long term LEO. He's also right in that Schneider/Carroll 'love his age' zone as he'll be 24 this month. Not unlike Miller, Rice and Harvin -- he's right at that 24-25 years that they typically love to pick guys up.

    Sheard was a guy I'd hoped we would trade for instead of Avril. He's a guy who is well suited to succeed Clemons and to be productive for a good 4-6 years after that. Assuming Avril does end up playing SAM on passing downs a lot -- there isn't that much of a conflict between them.

    It could take a 2014 #2 to get him. Or Seattle could wait on him and maybe get him for a #4 and change. His availability is worth keeping an eye on as the offseason rolls on. IMO, he is a much superior version of Avril who doesn't completely compromise our run defense as Avril does.
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  • mikeak wrote:To me the issue is if you have to cut someone that isn't as good as the veteran this year but would be better next year. If you have a fourth-sixth rounder that you now cut that could have a great 2014 then I rather see him hold down the roster spot even if he isn't as good right now.

    Fine line to walk but you have to be competitive now while building for the future...

    I'm with you. I'd rather go with the younger player if player a (rookie) is close in play to a vet. Obviously if there's a huge difference than go with the Vet. But if the difference between the two isn't significant than I'd keep the younger, cheaper player and expect him to develop and progress.
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  • Hawk Finn wrote:I want Dansby, I don't even care if it works. Just please me.

    I would love this move.
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  • It wouldn't shock me if we went into the draft knowing Dansby would be available, and make a move when the price is right. Would also love this move.
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  • Dangerous times for signing FAs, they can command more money then you think waiting around for TC/preseason injuries and the desperation that ensues.

    I wouldn't be shocked if barring a disaster, PC/JS are more then happy to stay away from anymore major FA signings.
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  • I'm with Attyla on this. I'd love Jabaal Sheard. I think he can be had for relatively cheap since the Brownies are probably hyped about getting Mingo and might think getting anything for Sheard is a good thing at this point. Maybe try and use the pick we got for Flynn? Like Attyla said, he's got the perfect age/production combo that JS/PC are looking for when they go outside the organization. And not only is Sheard young and athletic and an ideal long-term replacement for Clem at the LEO, but he's got a non-stop motor on the field as well, which means he'll do the dirty work of a LEO and always pursuit the ball carrier on plays away from him. He'd probably rack up quite a few coverage sacks as well with this secondary behind him coupled with his relentless pursuit of the QB.

    If Sheard is too much of a pipe dream at this point, I'd love it if the Hawks took a look at Dansby. He's always been one of my favorite players ever since he played at Auburn so it'd be awesome to see him rockin Hawks duds at some point in his career. Plus, he's still a damn good football player and if he could be hard for an Antoine Winfield type deal, I'd go out on a limb and say that this is the greatest football team ever assembled. The question then becomes whether or not Dansby or Wright would be the WILL or SAM. That's a nice problem to have.
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  • I would find Urlacher interesting our linebackers are great, but young. If we were to pick up someone like him I think he could add to and expand the abilities of our young players. It isn't really an issue of need but enhancement.
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  • Clabo's the only one i would even remotely consider at this point.
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  • Urlacher. Been screaming for this for months. Moves Wagner to a spot best suited utilize his athleticism and length. Wagner is a good MLB, but I believe could be a game changer outside.
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  • KK, it looks like Clabo is going to Miami. Love your moniker.
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