Updated post-draft ESPN power rankings

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  • Giedi wrote:
    loafoftatupu wrote:Are the Hawks the best team in the NFL? I don't know.. but if you take a look at their situation, there is a substantial amount of data to support the argument.

    The Hawks ended the season on a tear, not just the last couple weeks, but going back to the game following the first Niners game. Now they lost two the Lions and Dolphins in those 10 games, but we are talking about games in which they had late leads or overtime, with the defense giving up the late score in both. The offense was nothing short of prolific/efficient, even explosive. They found a way to win games that teams of the past would have lost.

    The Roster: As a whole, the Hawks carried a ton of talent last season. The point being, the FEW players that are no longer members of the team have been replaced by better players. Avril, Bennett and Winfield? Holy Upgrades Batman. Oh yeah, that prolific offense that moved the ball and scored a ridiculous number of points in the last 10 games added a nightmare player for opposing defenses. Yikes. I have said it before, this Harvin thing is going to really be big with Wilson as the QB and the Hawks offense as a whole.

    The Hawks can beat any of the teams that top that list. They may not be the best team or deserve the 1 spot, but I like their chances. The Seahawks have never fielded a team this talented, that has already proven they can play with the best. They took a great team and literally singled out the few areas they wanted help, then got it.

    Loafo, how's bennet's rotator cuff injury healing?

    Great another whiner fan on board here..The Mods have to stop letting this happen 10 times a day. :141847_bnono:
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  • Wow, Bigtrain just owned Ninerlifer. Twice.

    therealjohncarlson wrote:We shouldnt be #1 on anyone's power ranking until we prove we can win consistently on the road.

    We had some extremely tough road losses last season. Seattle "dropped" a couple of game winners at Arizona. They lost to the Rams because of a shady trick play. They lost to the Lions because Matt Stafford just happened to be in the zone that week. They lost to the Dolphins because Pete got stubborn in the run game and got zone happy on defense, then admitted after the game that he messed up and learned his lesson. The 49ers loss could have been a Seahawks blowout win early if Seattle didn't uncharacteristally drop clutch pass after clutch pass which directly cost them points on a few occasions. Then you have the playoff game. We led with 25 seconds left and the Falcons needed to go 40+ yards.

    Seattle outscored their opponents on the road last season. I don't know how many teams every year outscore their opponents on the road and go 4-6. I'm guessing it's not a long list.

    Last year Seattle was a relatively strong road team with much better luck at home than on the road.
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  • RolandDeschain wrote:

    Seahawks are still #1. 8)

    I'd settle for a "bowl" appearance :th2thumbs:
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  • Giedi wrote:Loafo, how's bennet's rotator cuff injury healing?

    I will let you know after he removes his arm from Kaepernick's rectum.
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