Ceiling/floor on my favorite draftees

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Re: Ceiling/floor on my favorite draftees
Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:57 pm
  • I also have my doubts about Harper's ability to get separation, but remember, he was a receiver for the equivalent of Tim Tebow 2.0 in Collin Klein. The dude can't lead a receiver to save his life. That's why I really like this pick in the fourth round. His stock was low because he played in a run dominant offense with a poor QB. No one knows what he can do with a legitimate QB. There's unknown upside there that you typically don't find in a 4th round WR.
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Re: Ceiling/floor on my favorite draftees
Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:57 pm
  • Williams isn't a pass rusher and i'm skeptical he can do much more than be a space eater that holds the line at the point of attack and his lower body worries me. Hill has a chance to be more than that , he's just a solid well perportioned 303 pound 3tech but we'll see . If one of them pans out to be above average the FO did there job.
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  • Awesome read.

    A well known member of the Fieldgulls community came over to SDB and called Jordan Hill a better version of Craig Terrill. I prefer poor-man's Kawann Short, but if we are comparing to past Seahawks, then a better version of Craig Terrill is a solid comparison. If Terrill had been a better run defender, good enough to play 3 downs, then I think it's a decent comparison. Terrill lacked strength but was quick, smart, and tenacious.

    Hill will probably never be Melton or Atkins. Melton ran a 4.65 and Atkins ran a 4.75. For perspective, Datone Jones was hands down the most athletic 3-tech this year and he ran a 4.80. Hill ran a 5.17 at the combine. Hill is very quick, but he's not especially athletic.
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