Finally! Aussie Seahawk! (sorry for the late post)

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  • Hey guys, been busy with other stuff and only now have checked out the full 2013 draft news for the Seahawks so sorry of it has been pointed out already. What an awesome surprise it has been for me.

    There is some cause for celebration for me because at pick 137 of the 2013 NFL draft the Seahawks chose DT Jesse Williams from Australia! I do know that there have been some Aussies who have tried out for the Seahawks at camp that never worked out (mainly punters that have actually gone on to be blue chip starters on other teams like Matt McBriar and Sav Rocca in recent years), but having one picked in the NFL draft, it is just the second time it has happened. Previously it was Colin Scotts, who was picked at No.70 by the Cardinals in 1987.

    So here's to Jesse and to a great future as a Seahawk! If you go by looks alone, he is hard to miss!


    He is my new favourite Seahawk (well non-playing at this stage :P) and I am sure the whole country will be watching how he fares in the NFL in the years to come. This sports mad country will be sure to tune in the day he ever gets to play/start in his first NFL game.

    PS: I do recall hearing about him last year and his prospects of being in the 2013 Draft but had forgotten all about it. I do also recall having an interesting conversation with someone (not sure if it was random) who actually knew him/played with him here in Australia who told me stuff that was quite surprising about him, can't actually recall what it was though :P. Will see if the memory cells kick in later.

    Go Jesse!
    Go Seahawks!
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  • Heard your PM tweeted him ?
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  • DayaM! Look at those arms! He will rag doll a few OL with those meats!
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  • Wow fire up the barbie cuz that guy looks like he can really eat some shrimp!
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  • We drafted a Canadian tight end and an Australian DT. Love it!
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  • Man, if we had drafted Werner and Watson we'd be the all-international team !!!
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  • Uffda wrote:Heard your PM tweeted him ?

    Yes and I am kinda embarrassed our PM knew about all this before I did, but I am stoked by the gesture. The number of Seahawks fans in Australia might now jump. The other cool thing about it all is that he is in fact from a minority group of indigenous Australian descent called Torres Islander, which makes him kinda more Aussie than 98% of the rest of us here :P.
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  • Tha Monstar is my favorite rookie. He will fill the need for a force in the middle.
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