ST. Louis.. Ambush at the Arch 12 Hotel ***LAST CALL on tic

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  • Oh yes.. we have Hotel and Group ticket info

    If you are interested in the HOTEL.. here is the info

    For tickets.. please e-mail the club @

    We have been offered group tickets in 2 sections

    High 100 level on 20 yards on each side of Seahawks bench @ $104 and
    Upper cheap seats @ $40 *** so far as of 05/28/2013 50 in section 104 and 9 in section 400 level !!

    We put on the tailgate and hotel is only a block from Dome and tailgate is Half a Block from the Hotel.. Let's Rock out with Hawks out..

    seahawkers in st l ou.jpg
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    ambush 2013(1).jpg
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  • Thanks for the info. I was thinking maybe going to giants game but this is what I really needed to see. Its the same drive for either but would rather be with my peeps. Going to put time in at work and get my gear ready. I am pumped! I live in Ohio and have been holding it down with my family of hawks in Fremont Ohio. We love our hawks and people recognize how our hawks have changed the way the NFL works. GO HAWKS!
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  • I'm in! We're coming from Omaha for this! Thanks for the info
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  • Figured you'd be around pretty soon to talk game time.

    Thanks for letting everyone know and here's to even more success this year.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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  • Wish I could go, but no way can I get two days off at that time of year. Got to settle for 1 going to the Jax game. Make it loud, 12, even from the top row.
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  • I was advised by the Rams that they need money for tickets By June the 5th.. so if you are interested in the coming to St. Louis ..should be a blast!
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  • I live in St. Louis, so I may be interested.
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  • I live in St. Peters...

    we are on facebook too...

    group .. midwest seahawkers

    We have been at if for 12 years..
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  • I will be there. I will be staying at the Earth City Residence Inn for company trip that happens to roll into the Hawks trip. It is right across the street from the Rams practice facility.
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  • i used to work in Earth City... yes.. Rams park.. take the Metro Link from the Airport..and head down town. send me a hello and i will add you to our group e-mail
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  • Hey Peter, how are things? Midwest always puts on a great party for sure. One of the many reasons I'm a Midwest Seahawker who lives in the Seattle area.
    Hopefully Laura and I can make the trip out to St. Louis in 2014 for the Ambush. We just moved into a new house, so $ is tight obviously. Anyway, hope everything is well with you and your family brother.
    You coming to Seattle for Reunion this year? It's gonna' be Sept. 20-23rd, weekend of the Jacksonville game. The band will be playing King Street again on Friday night, a bunch of us will be hitting the new Husky Stadium on Saturday, game on Sunday and M's game on Monday. Hope you can join us Peter.
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