At 137 Seattle selects Jesse Williams, DT Alabama

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  • My number one wish in this draft was to get better and more dynamic at DT. Mission accomplished.

    He'll have the chance to compete for Branch's old role and get a ton of reps. An upgrade at that spot would be huge for our defense.
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  • Another stroke of luck comes our way. Lets hope Quinn and the vets can get these rooks into game shape in a hurry.
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  • So glad we got a big body in to replace Branch. He hasn't had quite the football upbringing others have so he perhaps has even more room to grow. Lot's of potential and a good combination pick with Hill. Really happy with our DT situation now - was so worried before the draft but now we've got:


    all to fight it out for rotation. Lot's of potential there to mix and match and create real headaches for Offenses. I think in preseason our Defense is going to be real fun to watch.
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  • I believe that Jesse Williams was the Seahawks' best pick of the 2013 draft. Absolute steal where they got him in the 5th round. I think he could have 2005 Marcus Tubbs' type of impact. He fell because of injury concerns (knee). I was reading an article about him in Seattle Times paper. His size, demeanor, etc remind me of Marcus Tubbs. However, I hope he has a longer and healthier career than Tubbs did. When Tubbs was able to play, he was a terror and had impact. He just didn't play much.
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  • I have my concerns about this guy mainly will he stay healthy at the next level, but great value where they drafted him.
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  • 6'3" 323 pounds.. My god, this dude is a monster.
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  • Hey All, first time poster from Australia here. Obviously the drafting of Jessie is big news here and I can tell you that this guy is MASSIVE and a freak of an athlete for his size.
    Finger crossed his knees can hold up to the big time, if so this will be the steal of the draft Good luck to Jessie and can't wait for a big year for the mighty Seahawks! ... -300x0.jpg
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  • I tried to find some info on this knee issue that he has, but there doesn't seem to be much out there. He didn't miss and games, but apparently missed some off-season/pre-draft stuff. Anyone know what the deal is with his knee? It seems like most "experts" say he would have been a 2nd round pick if it wasn't for his knee issue.
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  • During an interview Jesse said they went in and cleaned it up, no big deal. That sounds like he may have had a torn meniscus which was excised instead of repaired. That may or may not be something to worry about. It could lead to arthritis and pain if he doesn't heal it properly.
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  • Hasselbeck wrote:STEAL

    I agree.
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  • 5_Golden_Rings wrote:This is an excellent pick. He could have played in a 3-4, but in this defense he could dominate like Dana Stubblefield did for a few years in it.

    If his knee holds up, I can see something like that happening.
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