Preseason death match winner,Jerrod Johnson or Brady Quinn?

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Preseason death match winner,Jerrod Johnson or Brady Quinn?

Brady Quinn
Jerrod Johnson
Josh Portis
A QB we pick in the draft
Some other QB (say who in your post)
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  • I think the preseason will be very entertaining with Quinn and Johnson as dueling gunslingers trying to win the backup job.

    Jerrod Johnson led the Steelers on a 4th quarter preseason drive to beat Andrew Luck and the Colts last preseason. Johnson was one of their final cuts.

    Brady Quinn is a former 1st round draft choice. He's played in REAL NFL games and even won a couple-three or something like that.

    Gotta love the competition that's been set up here. Not to count Josh Portis out, but I basically think it will come down to these two. I expect we will have some very entertaining preseason games from these two, with both QB's trying to show Pete and the team what they can do. So who is listed on the depth chart as the #2 QB on opening day? Johnson, Quinn, Portis, or someone else?

    My vote? I love the Jerrod Johnsqn signing, and I say he is a legit competitor for backup QB. Physically, he's basically a slightly slower Colin Kaepernick. Question is, which is the REAL Jerrod Johnson? I'm betting that the real Jerrod Johnson is the 30TD, 8INT guy from 2009, the guy who BEAT OUT NFL 1st round pick, Miami Dolphins starting QB, Seahawks-killer Ryan Tannehill TWICE in open competition (or was it three times?)

    Cast your vote and tell us why!
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  • There's some serious Brady Quinn love going on... do stop and share why you think he will be the #2 guy. Or are y'all just mixing him up with DAN Quinn?
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  • Everyone should know who I'm rooting for
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  • Well, there was no QB picked by the Seahawks in the draft, so that makes that choice moot.
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  • Something makes me think Portis is going to come out on top.
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  • Well, however the depth chart shakes out, i can't see a scenario where Brady Quinn isn't on the sidelines on sunday and in the qb room monday through friday. Just seems like too good of a study buddy for Russell.
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  • The Outfield wrote:Something makes me think Portis is going to come out on top.

    It's common sense
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  • Jerrod Johnson had a 136 passer rating last preseason with an 11.2 YPA. Sure, he only threw 21 total passes, but he was consistently very good in the 3 games he appeared in. John Schneider said Johnson did a great job fixing his delivery too. Johnson is 6'5", 250 and can run very well. He has a strong arm too. If Johnson can make it two good preseasons in a row, he's the one I'd favor. He's only one year older than Portis, too.

    I'm rooting for Portis as well. I thought he got a bum wrap last preseason.

    I'd release Brady Quinn tomorrow if I had the authority.
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  • Johnson's last preseason w/ the Steelers: 14-21, 236 yards, 2 TDs in 3 games.

    Steeler fans seems really high on this guy. Recent comments at a site that reports Steelers news (reporting he signed w/ Seattle):

    SteelSpine • 4 days ago −
    So much for JJ not being avail for NFL because of the fact he's playing for a semi-pro league - I never believed he was not available, because any non-NFL league doesn't count.

    This avoids Seahawks having to use a draftpick to draft a developmental 3rd QB, many of which don't stick more than a couple years anyway. QBs Steelers drafted late in drafts to be 3rd developmental QBs have not stuck anyway we simply replaced them with the next "3rd QB clipboard carrier" several years later. Alex VanPelt & DDixon actually stuck longer than most of them here. As many draft needs as we have this year, this is not a draft where we have extra picks to use on people who wont be re-signed to a next contract for Steelers anyway; this years draft for Steelers is vital because we have more needs than picks.

    OK JJ probly played against bums in preseason, but the bottom line is upside compared to other backup QBs we had/have: JJ showed at-least as much potential upside than any backup QB on our team. Water under the bridge, & gotta hope Steelers are right for not pursuing JJ this offseason.

    TJimmy • 4 days ago −
    Too bad. I liked what I saw from him last preseason and hoped they would sign him again
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    Michael Mazanowski TJimmy • 4 days ago
    Same here!
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    Maurice_hill_district TJimmy • 4 days ago
    Me too & i think many more fans. If he becomes good enough to be a backup qb there or for some other team I'm going to be sick.
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  • What is it with the Brady Quinn love? Word of advice I had to watch him in actual games and it is NOT pretty. Believe me in that this Jerrod Johnson or just about any warm body is better than Quinn except maybe Joe Webb, Ricky Stanzi or Josh Portis.
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  • Brady Quinn is he original captain checkdown.
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  • I look at the Quinn signing the same way I looked at the team picking up Barrett Ruud as a camp MLB last year - it's a position where the mental side of things is almost important as the physical side of things, so in case one of the young guys is overwhelmed & can't pick it up, you have a vet insurance policy on hand. Last year Wagner was a quick study and made Ruud expendable, so I have few doubts Johnson or Portis (or even Casey Brockman) couldn't do the same to Quinn this year if they prove worthy.

    I think the main thing they'll be looking for out of the back-up is how he helps all the weekly prep & QB meetings function. That doesn't necessarily mean they're looking for a "mentor" to help teach Wilson things (that's what QB coaches and OC's are for) but rather how well that guy compliments things in the QB meeting room. How well does he understand things on film, how well does he break down D's, is he a good sounding board for Wilson to bounce things off of, does he ask good questions? And even more importantly, what type of tone does he set on the practice field? Is he a "gym rat", is he always at the VMAC, is he setting a positive example, and does he know/embrace his role?

    I do think Quinn enters camp with a big advantage - by all accounts he's always been a hard worker & film room guy ever since he came into the NFL, and he has experience with Pro-Style O's & D's going back to his Freshman year at Notre Dame. But I definitely think Johnson's capable of it as well - he worked with a great Offensive coach in Mike Sherman and was a team leader. He also got a lot of praise for the way he handled his benching, staying positive & helping out Tannehill. Both Quinn & Johnson are motivated, but IMO Johnson may have more of an "edge" to him ... Quinn's possibly reached that point where he's realized he's a permanent back-up and figures he can collect a nice paycheck doing that for the next 10 years. Johnson has the added hunger of trying to prove he belongs in the NFL ... and maybe that gives him the motivation to out-work Quinn. If there's anything this Organization has shown, it's that they'll reward that hard work.
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