Does anyone have any experience in buying tickets.....

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  • before the regular season tickets are released. I ask because I recently saw on websites like Stub-hub and Razorgator regular season tickets AND season tickets on sale. I even heard on sports radio today a website I believe was called Vivid Seats advertise hawks tickets with a 10% discount. Does anyone know if any of these offers are legitimate? I've use Stub-hub before and have never had a problem with them but always purchased them about the time the preseason started. Any info regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated. I really wanna go to as many hawk games as I can afford this year. Thank you fellow hawk fans!!!
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  • All the tickets being mentioned are legit tickets that won't be delivered until after the tickets are released in late July or early August and if you have experience with these brokers and NFL real game tickets, giving you 10% off of something they have already marked up 100% is a fairly sound sales method.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Yeah like 12HawkFan said..I'm sure they're glad to give you a 10% discount considering the tickets already have been marked up 100-200% from facevalue.

    I'm going to be selling some tickets at face value or with minimal mark up (to make up losses from the preseason games) in the near future. I gave first dibs to my buddy, but if he's not interested just check me back in a few weeks.
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  • Thanks guys, I appreciate it. And I will check back with you gspin.
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