What If: Elway in Seattle

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Re: What If: Elway in Seattle
Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:14 pm
  • SeatownJay wrote:
    BlueTalon wrote:
    Hasselbeck wrote:And why did we pass on Dickerson for Warner again?

    We didn't pass on Dickerson. We traded for the 3rd pick, Dickerson was drafted 2nd.

    Actually, Seattle traded up to #2, then swapped with L.A. who had #3 because the FO had Warner rated slightly higher than Dickerson for Knox's system and knew the Rams were in love with Eric. Seattle traded their first (#9), second (#42) & third (#69) round picks to Houston for #2 overall. They then traded #2 overall to L.A for #3 and a pair of 4th rounders (#88 & #102).

    Really? Did not know that. Relying only on my memory from 30 years ago, I thought we straight-up traded our first three picks for #3. But now that you mention it, the two 4th round picks are tickling my memory a bit.

    All in all, I don't see how Eric Dickerson would have been that much better for our offense at the time. Curt Warner had a jitterbug aspect to him that really lent itself to our inconsistent O-line and offense. I don't remember Dickerson having that.

    Of course, we just established that my memory isn't 100% reliable after 3 decades, so me being wrong wouldn't surprise me too much.
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