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  • For everyone who has mentioned the Redskins game from last season (not just in this thread), that game was not a 10am start, so it has no pertinence to this discussion. We still came out flat. For everyone who has said things to the effect of man up, the amount of season for teams from the west coast that have had a winning record since the 1980's in 10am games is I believe 4. This is not some myth that you simply overcome. As far as the person that blames Pete Carroll, the Seahawks have had I believe only one season where we were over .500 in 10am games in our 36 year history.
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  • Y'all can cite all the stats you want, but I call bull$#!t. 10:00am is the time in Seattle for those games, not local time. The stats are more about it being a road game in a hostile stadium than anything.

    Having spent many years travelling nationally for a living, once the watch is set to local time (as the plane taxis to the terminal), it is all about what time the head hits the pillow that night before. Trust me, there are team handlers insuring players are in the sack and sawing logs at an hour which produces the most restfull sleep as is needed for top performance. There will be no crusties in the eyes for any of those games. The Houston game and the Rams game both kick off at noon local time which is a meagher two hours. Crymany people.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's more about you Yankees having to skip church to see the game than it is going to be a problem for the players.
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  • I fly back and forth Seattle to DC constantly and never experiences these "jet lag" issues everyone always complains about.

    THese are professionally trained athletes, They need a better trainer if this 10am thing with a week to prepare for it is really affecting them that much.
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  • rjdriver wrote:It is statistically proven that the odds of winning are reduced when a west coast team plays at 10am PT. There is a pretty large sample of control that validates this. This is no excuse, it is math. I understand the anecdotes and the rhetoric, but it doesn't change the fact the odds of winning decrease with 10am games.

    "Soft" and non contender west coast teams will, on average, have a reduced likelyhood of winning 10AM games.

    "Tough" and champion caliber west coast teams will, on average, have a reduced likelyhood of winning 10AM games.

    Should we win these games? Yes. Does our chances of winning these games go down by playing at 10am? Yes

    I'm not being a crybaby, but face the facts, this is a disadvantage. One I hope we overcome. If something is proven to create an unfair advantage then it should be addressed. Perhaps a rule stating no west coast team can have more than 3 regular season 10AM starts. Perhaps a rule stating the visiting team playing a Thursday game has to stay in the same time zone, things of this nature. They created a de facto rule stating east teams didn't have to travel west more than twice or something, I guess that only applies to big market teams. And yes, I would feel exactly the same way if the Niners had 5 10am starts.

    I agree with everything here. We can win these games, however, the time does put a handicap on the chances and statistics have proved that. There's no reason not to play the games at 1 pacific. The east coast teams are being provided with a clear advantage and there's something wrong with that, regardless if any of our fans think it doesn't matter when we play.

    I feel like last year we were a "real" team but came out very sluggish during a 1 pm playoff game against Atlanta. During the 2nd half, they seemed much more energized.
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  • Russell Wilson is in the film room by 6am every morning. These 10am road games will not affect his ability to destroy opposing defenses.

    It is known.
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  • Being discussed here starting yesterday.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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