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  • Most of last season, it would have been "Clem and the Pocket Protectors". Oh, wait, that's what the O-Line is supposed to do, be pocket protectors. Never mind. How about, "Clem and the Time Machine?" Oops. Not such a ring either. Oh, a name for NEXT YEAR!! I get it now... Let's go with...


    We have Wagner, Irvin, Avril (and Malcolm Smith when he's in) who are ridiculously fast for their positions. We'd like to see a fury rush out of the whole line, and we're expecting it from Avril, Bennett, Irvin, Clem when he's back, and with any luck some inside pressure from whichever DT's step up and bring it.
    Hey, I tried. Maybe it'll get some creative thinking going. Overall, I agree with those who said the D-Line needs to *earn* their nickname before it can be bestowed.
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  • Too many nickname ideas going around this place lately lol. One major nickname per team is enough for me.
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  • I'm with the "Let me see something" group. I do have a feeling they will have a nickname very soon that they will have earned. Remember fellas "EARN EVERYTHING"
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  • Coug_Hawk08 wrote:They haven't proven anything as a unit. Too early for a nickname. Have to earn it.

    Indeed. Units... Must earn their nickname, and I don't care to know the name of yours.
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  • How about sticking with the legion theme, we call them "the legion of whom" until they find their identity.
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  • Let them do something first. Bob and Groz were ahead of themselves with the whole Legion of Boom thing. At the time the DBs hadn't done anything since it was just TC when those jokers started the whole nickname campaign. At least the assumption is the LOB will be together for awhile, the DL is still in flux. Clemons, Avril, Bennett and McDaniels most likely aren't even with the team next year.

    So no, it isn't time for a nickname. They haven't showed the ability to raise havoc with the pass rush and injuries kept them from shutting down the run toward the second half of the season after the 9ers gouged them in San Fran. Put up first and base it around a unit that will at least be around for more than 1 season.

    Steel Curtain, Fearsome Foursome, Doomsday and Purple People Eaters were based on units that had a little longevity. Sack Exchange as well. I think you are reaching until the DL has 3+ players who are nightmares to handle on a week-to-week basis.
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  • The Meat Curtain?
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  • Shock2k wrote:Good ol' .Net, buzz killin'. Have you seen how good Cliff Avril is! Sheesh, tough croud.

    Ok I don't disagree, they haven't proved anything yet, but frankly I don't care, I'm getting geeked up for this season!

    No offense, but there's multiple posts where every unit and every player has to have a nickname, and it's usually way before the player(s) have proved anything on the field. Personally, I have no idea why this is the case. Maybe because it conjures up good memories of the past and we want our players to be remembered? Whatever the case, good nicknames happen organically, as already mentioned, so let's just let it be.
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  • Let's see if they come together first before tagging them with a nickname.
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  • Forced nicknames are not that great. I guess I don't feel like every position group should have a nickname. Kind of takes the cool out of Legion of Boom and makes the other nicknamed position groups look like wannabe's.
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  • pehawk wrote:The Meat Curtain?

    Taken by jim harbaugh's mom already.
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  • Since our 1996 line never got a nickname and I consider them one of the best groups to ever play the game, with multiple time Pro Bowlers at each position, no line we have deserves a nickname until we can field a better unit.
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  • JSeahawks wrote:I like, the Seattle Seahawks d'line.

    Where's your imagination? I like, the defensive front line of your Seattle Seahawks.
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  • How about we just go with get er done, then we talk?!
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  • I vote for "the invisible curtain" in the last 30 seconds of the game. Here's to turning that around, Avril, Bennett, Irvin, your move.
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  • Do something first. Giving yourself an awesome nickname before you've even done anything is SOOOOO Vince Young circa 2011.
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  • What about...

    "To be decided"

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  • They gotta earn it. But "Bum Rush" comes to mind. :mrgreen:

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  • I agree they need to prove themselves. If you really want to call them something before then, call them "Missouri," the show me line.
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  • I like the idea, I say let it play out and give it a chance to adopt a nickname that applies.
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  • I'm kinda partial to "The Trench Mob"
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  • I still think the LOB could be a name for the entire defense.
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  • I would say, just call them "the Wall".

    If it fits, that would be impressive enough for anybody (I would hope).

    Here's hoping they actually warrant a nickname for this (and future) season(s).
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  • T-Sizzle wrote:
    pehawk wrote:The Meat Curtain?

    Taken by jim harbaugh's mom already.

    LOL stupidest (and thus funniest) thing I've heard in a long while :D I can just picture Harbaugh's mom now... :P
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  • Seafan wrote:How about "weakest part of the team". We'll see if they can shake that off this year.

    Plus one.
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  • ivotuk wrote:
    Seafan wrote:How about "weakest part of the team". We'll see if they can shake that off this year.

    Plus one.

    Add the fact that we've added three new players that need to show they bring something that improves the D. It's way premature to give an awesome sounding name to the largest question mark on the team.
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