How close have you been to the NFL? (offseason time waster)

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How close to the NFL are you / football experience

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  • I have been fortunate enough to have a family member (wife's side) as an employee of the Seahawks FO. He has been extremely generous with tickets, on-field access and camp access. My mother, RIP 2/19/2012, was very involved with American Cancer Society and this family member has worked very hard to provide her with auction items like signature balls and jerseys.

    I will never repeat his name for his own protection, I would never want anyone in the organization to make a connection between he and my forum antics. He does not provide insider information that is not public, but he has told me to "Keep your eyes open today" when certain transactions were taking place.

    I have met players from every team that has visited the Clink and Qwest since 2004 because of this family member and my seats are usually surrounded by players' families. Not usually the same folks either, sometimes a player will have a large group of fans in attendance and you can tell when you see an entire row of them wearing the player's jersey number. There is nothing like the feeling I get when I read an email stating "You are going to make it this weekend right? I have x number of seats left and we need your noise" before a playoff game. I have not ever paid for playoff tickets and I have been to every home playoff game following 2003. It is so cool to go up to the player's family ticket window, show my ID and pick them up. I am very blessed this way and I will do anything I can to help this family member. If it means volunteer work, computer help, anything.

    I also drove Patrick Hunter home from a club in Bellevue into the Redmond area. In a White Ford Bronco. :)

    Oh! I forgot to add that in October of 2007, I bought the wife a 2008 Nissan Armada that came with every option available. I was up at the Kirkland facility meeting this family member and he was talking to me next to the new vehicle. Josh Wilson walked right up to it and asked if he could check it out. He hadn't bought his "luxury SUV" yet and sat in the vehicle, checked out the audio and video, showed him the voice control and he bought one!

    It was a pretty cool moment for me.
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  • Sometimes, I lean real close to the radio. I can get pretty gosh darn close!
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  • Through pure coincidence, I went to high school with three guys who became NFL QBs. My first three years of high school were in Sacramento, and I went to school and played with Gio Carmazzi (3rd rd pick by Niners in famous Tom Brady draft) and JT O'Sullivan (played for numerous teams in NFL). My senior year I moved to Portland and played with Joey Harrington.

    But the best guy I played against was Jheremiah Pharms who some of you might remember went to UW. He was from Sac and was a beast in high school. Too bad he got arrested after getting drafted. lol
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  • I was/am way too.small to play football. I get a chance to show off my best Earl Thomas impression every Saturday though. As the smallest guy on the field, I always get targeted, until they find out very quickly, I can cover.

    One of my good friends has a sister that is married to Jon Kitna's brother. Jon took him and his family to a resort in Montana for the rich and famous not too long ago. Said he saw Justin Timberlake and his beautiful wife there.

    I also sold 2 tubs of NO Xplode Jon when I worked at a health store.

    His cousin is also Laurent Robinson, formerly of the Cowboys and Jaguars. Got a huge payday by the Jags and got injured, then released.
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  • I have an aunt on my Mom's side of the family that is a realtor. She sold a place/property to Drew Bledsoe in Northwest Montana. Her and my uncle somehow became good friends with the Bledsoes, and they were in charge of "house sitting" while he was off and playing, and in charge of keeping his cars cleaned, detailed, etc, so all he had to do when he came for some downtime was just get in the car, and turn the ignition. They got pro-bowl tickets from him when he made the pro-bowl, and super-bowl tickets the last time he went to a super-bowl - aka "The Brady Revelation."
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  • Ok, this is kind of embarrassing really, but I'm second cousins with Caleb Hanie. :pukeface:
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  • I also attended church years ago with Fred Swendsen who played briefly with the Buffalo Bills. Funny, I had not thought about him for years until I saw this thread. I remember asking him as a kid if he knew O.J.

    Fred is a Chiropractor in Puyallup and has been forever it seems.

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  • Scott Shanle (linebacker for the Saints) once tackled me in high school 8-man football. His team's mascot was the Beavers, by the way. Anyway, I had a cold that Friday night and had a runny nose all week. I was QB and he and I collided head-to-head on a designed bootleg. Snot from my nose landed on his face. My bell got rung good and we didn't convert the 3rd down but I think I definately got the better end of that deal.
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  • I went to Central Catholic High School my freshman year. I played football that year with Joey Harrington as the senior varsity QB. I also had 3 classies with his younger brother Ryan Harrington. Although Ryan got kicked outta school for showing his "fun zone" to a 15 year old girl in his senor year. lol

    I also had Richard Sherman talk to me on facebook too.
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  • I really want to know who the people that played in the NFL are
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  • Closest connection I have is being the BSU Athletic Department Math/Econ tutor and helping Doug Martin out with some Business Calculus.

    Also my coworkers son got a tryout with the Raiders last year (Kyle Efaw) and another coworker made it through 1 day of camp with the Raiders back in the 80's.
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  • ARhawk wrote:I really want to know who the people that played in the NFL are

    Ditto here.
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  • John Mara (Giants owner) played third base on my Little League team in White Plains, New York. He was a good athlete and a nice kid. His father Wellington would come to the games and acted like just another parent, never wanted special treatment. My dad coached our team that year.
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