Darren Sharper broke the story. Did He also pave the way?

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  • We all know Sharper was THE GUY who was on the phone with Winfield before breaking the story on ESPN. Yes, Darren Sharper was an ex-Viking who played with Winfield before teaming with the Saints in 2009 to win his first championship. Now that Winfield finds himself in a similar predicament can we believe it was mere coincidence that Sharper lead the story? Is it possible he had more influence on Winfield's decision to leave the Vikes than we may know?

    Consider the similarities paths these guys took:
    Both were ball hawking, hard-hitting playmakers with their initial teams before joining the Vikings in while still in their prime.
    Both have been All-Pro defensive backs who eventually left the Minnesota while in their 30's to pursue their first ring with a young, up-and-coming contender.
    Darren Sharper played at a high level with 3 teams--winning his first ring with the Saints in 2009.
    Winfield who will be on his third team still appears to be a very effective playmaker.
    His chances with the young, uber-talented, exciting SEAHAWKS looks to be very good.
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  • Also, Are we not more like that mean nasty 2009 Saints with their young gritty undersized quarterback Brees than what everyone is comparing us to-->the overhyped dream team eagles?
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  • Interesting parallels in those stories.

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  • Interesting thought, I think you may be on to something, detective.
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