All Part of the Plan.

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Re: All Part of the Plan.
Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:56 pm
  • "Coach wants us to what?"

    "He wants us to to let them score."

    "He wants us to WHAT?!"

    "He. Wants. Us. To. Let. Them. Score. What aren't you getting about this?"

    "Maybe I'm not getting the fact that we complete the biggest comeback in playoff history and go to the NFC championship game if we stop them?"

    "Look, man. Pete just said let them score, then he mumbled something about how we're getting Harvin, Avril, Bennett, and Winfield."

    "Harvin, Avril, Bennett, AND Winfield?"

    "Yeah, then something about it being a part of the plan."

    "Aight... I guess if there's a plan to this..."

    "He be psychic or something. Now lets make this Ryan kid look good."
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Re: All Part of the Plan.
Sun Apr 14, 2013 7:42 am
  • kearly wrote:There were indeed people calling for Pete's job last year. I know because it pissed me the hell off. It was especially pronounced after some of the tougher losses last year- Rams, Lions, even the Dolphins game. Just your run of the mill reactionary idiotic knee-jerk bullshit. People seem to be forgetting, but emotions ran EXTREMELY high last season around here, highest since 2006/2007. There were also plenty of calls to bench Wilson, too.

    We're talking about a very small number of users, most of them I'd never heard of. Still, vocal minorities can be very annoying. And they did exist. I'm surprised people have forgotten. It was so bad that on numerous occasions I seriously considered leaving .net until the season was over.

    Kearly is 99.9% right. Many posters around here have selective amnesia. There was that crowd who criticized Pete for starting the rookie. Funny how those called for his head now say they only wished to give him head. Go figure.
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Re: All Part of the Plan.
Sun Apr 14, 2013 8:49 am
  • Well everyone wants a great qb. It often defines a regime. Wins and losses. I remember Pete making a great halftime adjustment against the Bears that got us the victory. I was sold.
    It was a bright line for me that proved that head coaches in the NFL can make worlds of difference. It was like nothing I had ever seen with the Hawks and my 1987 dedicated fan dome. However if we always had lame choices for the qb position it would be extremely trying. I don't blame fans for the concern.
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Re: All Part of the Plan.
Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:18 am
  • T-Sizzle wrote:During last season there were many calling for PC's head. They did say it was a 5 year plan yet many wanted him fired. We are now reaping the rewards of continuity. Cheers to patience.

    It appears that maybe a couple of people disagreed with you last year and now your blowing that out of proportion. Saying "many" in this case means 1 or 2.
    " Remember the men and women in uniform that have signed that blank check for us."
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Re: All Part of the Plan.
Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:31 am
  • I recall some grumbling last year before the season really got going. A lot of people didn't like the move to make Wilson the starter and so they were quick to point out if he didn't work out Pete would be in the hot seat, but I don't recall anyone actually saying he should be fired. Of course I may just be being nice here. It's possible there were some actually calling for him to be fired, but I remember more Bevell axe handlers than anything else.

    “There’s no reason, with Mr. Allen and the fan base here and the stadium, that this can’t be a stable, long-term winning organization.” - John Schneider
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Re: All Part of the Plan.
Sun Apr 14, 2013 11:50 am
  • The people that were calling for Pete's head were "experts" that only looked at wins and losses and rarely, if ever, watched what was actually happening on the field. Those "experts" failed to notice the CONSTANT improvement of play. The "experts" expected immediate results for some reason. Had they actually done a bit of research, they would have known that Pete took over a team that had the talent to win about 3 games and led them to a 7 win season and a playoff victory his first year. That team drastically out performed their talent...yet NONE of the "experts" took notice of anything beyond 7-9.

    "Experts" didn't realize that a team could actually improve yet finish a season with the same record as the year before. "Experts" expected a better record and again didn't notice the team's improvement. For some reason, the "experts" didn't notice the Seahawk defense rising from one of the worst in the league to being one of the best against the run and middle of the pack against the pass. The "experts" didn't notice integral parts of the offense coming around to be very good either. Once again, all the "experts" saw was 7-9. The "experts" were the only ones that thought Pete was on the hot seat heading into the 2012 season.

    For being "experts", it's surprising how surprised they were by the Seahawks this year. ALL the signs of a massive step forward were easily seen had they, the "experts", done just an itty bitty bit of research.

    It's rather amusing that the "experts" are just now seeing what I have been watching since Pete Carroll arrived. It sure has been fun to watch this Seahawks team being built up to what it is right now. Too bad the "experts" missed out on the process, they could have learned something along the way.
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