Best of Messin With Marshawn! posted 4/8/13

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  • This is great. I hope MRob never leaves

    Bonus: Spot the hidden cobra...
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  • LOL
    Richard Sherman doesn't just wanna get in your head, he wants to build a vacation home there.

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  • Hey Beeas
    I'm Jimmy!
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  • Russell Wilson sighting! LMAO.
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  • Russell Wilson sighting! ...Squirrle!!
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  • dunceface wrote:This is great. I hope MRob never leaves

    Bonus: Spot the hidden cobra...

    Some day M. Rob won't be able to play fullback. When that's the case...Tony Ventrella, please pick up the white courtesy phone and come get your retirement papers.
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  • MRob is the worst stalker in the world.
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  • That was good fun... someone should have walked by and screamed "We goin' to Sizzla!!"
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  • This just makes it that much sweeter, when we get to the super bowl this year and win it, and Lynch finally talks to Mike Rob! Brings a tear to my eye just thinking of
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  • the last part is hilarious.. from the video it seems pretty apparent shawn doesn't like the skittles craze
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  • Loved the puppet show at the end of the segment! :mrgreen:

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  • I think the puppet show shows how much of a good sport Marshawn really is about all this
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  • I'll be sad when these videos become mere memories instead of happening right now... These are such cool times to be a Seahawks fan! This team has so much personality, talent and vibe right now! It feels like that rare assembly of personnel... It reminds me of the mid to late 90's Mariners with the chemistry and such. The 2013 season can't get started soon enough!
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